Monday, February 27th 2006
In Which Estee Lauder and Maybelline Are Confused…

Randi’s site offered up this challenge: In the spirit of encouraging each other and having a good laugh, post a picture of your "real life", your "real house" or your "real self" on Monday, February 27 and add one surprising fact about yourself. (Nothing gross, rude or embarrassing, just surprising!)

Ha. No problem. Lotsa Real Life around here. Start with this not entirely messy drawer – we’ll get to the Real Life in a minute:

Dsc01494 Not too bad. But look closer. Do you see a problem? Maybe two items that look a little too similar?

Dsc01506 Now, Pop Quiz Time. Which one is the Estee Lauder perfume Pleasures stick, and which one is the Maybelline lipstick-like substance in a Really Really Ugly Color I Never Wear? Can’t tell, can ya?

Dsc01504 Neither could I. (Yeah, it looks even worse on my mouth.)

Now that’s a little Real Life.

And here’s a little more.


That’s actually a baby bath seat BURIED in the dirty clothes, crying out for help. I’ll get to it tomorrow. (Or not.)

Surprising fact, per Randi’s instructions. Hmm.

Last week someone asked for my Embarassing 80s Crushes, when a mention of Scott Baio came up. So ok, here goes. These are especially bad. Not even run-of-the-mill bad, just baaaad.

Kenny Rogers

Sean Connery

Theo Huxtable

Henry Winkler

The guy with the HUGE beard in the Oak Ridge Boys

uh huh, really.

Now go to I Have To Say… to see more dirty laundry and Real Life!


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February 27th, 2006
7:28 am

Oh my goodness. You crack me up! I can totally see how you might mix those up. I can’t tell you how often I do things by feel without looking at what I’m doing. We’re women. We multi-task. It happens.

I gotta say, I’m a little weirded out by your choice of men. Ok, Theo’s not so bad. Officially, I’m not admitting anything but there’s a slight chance I may have had a crush on him too. And Sean Connery, well what woman hasn’t had a crush on him? The rest though, they scare me a bit. Never been much for the long-haired-long-bearded hippy look myself.

February 27th, 2006
8:01 am

Sean Connery?!?! [shudder]

Lipstick on the sternum? Real scary, HM. Although what’s left for fad-dom? Mascara on the chin, eye shadow on the cheeks? Our culture has already dyed, tattoo’d, pierced, and done cosmetic surgery to the point that I can’t imagine what’s left to do. Might as well use face paint in strange place. You may have just started the next new fad!

February 27th, 2006
8:49 am

You 80′s crushes are cracking me up! Scott Baio was kinds cute! I saw a t-shirt with his face on it at the mall the other day–I can’t believe all this silly stuff is coming back! My mom loved the Oak Ridge Boys guy–she also liked Willy Nelson!

During the 80s I had huge crushes on Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson. I just saw a pic of Judd Nelson the other day and I realize the guy had HUGE nostrils–funny stuff!

Thanks for sharing your “real life!

February 27th, 2006
8:52 am

Ok the Theo Huxtable crush cracked me up! Sooo 80′s! (But I am still trying to figure out why Matt Dillon is still in the scene these days ??)

Your blog is great. SO glad I found it… I need to write up one of those 99 things about me one day soon. We have A LOT in common. I’m bookmarking you!

PS – oh yea… found you from Randi’s Real Life post obviously – great pics! I’m loving this reality check. I need to go take pics now…

February 27th, 2006
9:45 am

Hooray for real life!

Now that’s the clutter I’m talking about…none of this sippy cup and a lego stuff. :) So glad you’re real.

February 27th, 2006
10:00 am

Hmmm…Sean Connery I can see, he was very distinguished in his day. Theo Huxtible, aight, I can see it I guess. I can even see the Henry Winkler, in his Fonzie days. But I do think that the Oak Ridge Boys Long beard guy is all you. And I don’t agree on Kenny Rogers either, but I have at least heard of others who do, so you aren’t completely crazy. Just the one out of five that I don’t understand at all!
My 80′s crushes were Slater and Zach from “Saved by the Bell!”

February 27th, 2006
11:47 am

A REAL post over at my place too today. Story, no pix, sorry


Corina Bowen
February 27th, 2006
12:54 pm

LOL- I am proud of you girl! I forgot all about it!! I am takin pics tonight and doing the monday thing on Tuesday… thats me day late!

February 27th, 2006
1:39 pm

LOL! That’s so funny! Loved this post.

I always had crushes on older guys…um, NOT older guys with bushy beards though. ;)

February 27th, 2006
2:43 pm

Ha! You crack me up. The lipstick/perfume stick is funny! Thanks for the reality!

February 27th, 2006
3:02 pm

Love it. I’ve got similar looking piles of clothes in my bedroom right now. Here I sit, not doing a dang thing about it.

February 27th, 2006
3:05 pm

What a great idea! I’ll have to post some real life things too …. *looks around* Er, maybe not. lol

You are one brave woman! I should post a picture of myself after I get back from my walks – it’ll be great for those people who are on diets and can’t eat – after seeing my picture, they won’t WANT to. lol

Thanks for posting the pics!

February 27th, 2006
4:28 pm

I can ‘t believe Carol is shuddering at Sean Connery! I still have a crush on him.

The rest of your list though is just down right scary. Scary!

February 27th, 2006
10:06 pm

I love the lipstick!!! That’s totally something I would do. Like, today when I was getting ready. lol I gotta have a spray pump on my fragrances. :)

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