Saturday, February 18th 2006
The “Which One Is True?” Game

Okay, okay, I’m a little late with this one. Everyone already did it, and I thought I’d pass. But I changed my mind, and here it is. Wanna play? Which one is true – leave a guess in Comments.

1. My wedding ring size is 3.5 (That’s just smaller than a dime)

2. I once attended a New Kids on The Block concert. I was in the 7th grade and went with my best friend, Misty.

3. My ob/gyn prescribed shoe shopping at a certain store mere moments before delivering Seth-4mth. (She and I share the same love of fun shoes)

4. There were hundreds of dead bugs floating in the baptismal when I was baptized.

5. I should not have graduated from high school, due to my huge number of absences (‘skip’ days).


17 Comments on “The “Which One Is True?” Game”

February 18th, 2006
2:48 pm

I’ll go with #1, you look pretty thin in your picture! ;-)

sally apokedak
February 18th, 2006
3:05 pm

I guess 3. I know you love shoes.

At A Hen's Pace
February 18th, 2006
3:54 pm

I’ll go with #4. Because I know you were baptized as an adult and I know public restrooms bother you and I’ll guess this bothered you too. (It would me!)

February 18th, 2006
5:06 pm

#4 And I’m always wrong.

February 18th, 2006
5:31 pm

I’ll go with #2.

February 18th, 2006
7:47 pm

I’m going to go with #5 because the others ones seem to obvious..maybe:) and if you did go to the New Kids on the Block concert, don’t feel bad at least it wasn’t Millie Vanillie(spelling?)like me( really got jipped on that one huh?):)

February 18th, 2006
8:36 pm



February 18th, 2006
8:37 pm

Uuuum, number three. Because shoes are fun.

February 18th, 2006
10:17 pm

Please say it’s #2 and I can finally admit to the world that yes – I went to a New Kids on the Block concert. And got into a fight to defend my friend who had caught a sweaty sock one of the singers took off and threw into the crowd. It was ugly, let me tell you. Both the sock and the ensuing brawl.

And we lost the sock.

February 18th, 2006
10:28 pm

I’m saying four, and thinking you were baptized in a river or something? Although I will share that I saw Milli Vanilli too, and that #5 is true of me.

February 18th, 2006
11:50 pm

i guess #2 — who doesn’t love to rock out with the NKOTB?

i mean….who DIDN’T love to..heheh.


February 19th, 2006
1:11 am

#3. My ob/gyn suggested wine, but shoes sound good too :-)

February 19th, 2006
1:53 am

I bet they are all true. Although I have never heard of a ring size so small and if you really are that thin then I think I hate you. You look pretty tiny though so I bet it’s true. I went to NK concert myself, I know there are bugs in those tanks and I think we pay our OBs mostly to give us those beautiful false hopes. :)

February 19th, 2006
10:09 am

I say #3. Only because I love shoes, I love shopping, and this sounds like way too much fun.

February 19th, 2006
10:38 am

Well, it can’t be #1 because that would mean I would have to hate you and I don’t want to hate you.

It can’t be #2 because if you were actually in 7th grade when New Kids were popular then you are way younger than me and again, I’d have to hate you and I don’t want to.

I’m thinking #3 is partially true, but not entirely, so I’ll leave that one alone. Same for #4.

And that leaves #5. Yup, I’m guessing #5, you know, due to imperative days off for shopping and stuff.

February 19th, 2006
2:09 pm

I go with #5.

February 19th, 2006
2:10 pm

I go with #5.

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