Saturday, March 25th 2006
Talk Back Awards, II

Finally! The 2nd and final installment of Talk Back Y’all PseudoAwards is here! Yea! (You, in the red shirt, do a drumroll on your knees please, for the group. Thank you for your cooperation!)

First, let me just say that I am so glad y’all are such great commenters. Life is haaaaaard right now at this one moment in my very blessed existence, and lots of nice comments helps. Funny how that works. So, anyway, thank you.

My apologies to the reader in red, who did the drumroll and then I got sidetracked and lost all the momentum created by the knee drumroll. Please, please repeat, and I promise not to do that again. Thank you, again for your patience and participation!

Ok, and the top choices in Question 3 "Fruit or Chocolate?"

Owlhaven, for the sheer simplicity of her response: ‘Chocolate. Duh.’

Lena:  ‘Fruit. I hate chocolate. …Stop the booing! Stop throwing tomatoes…oh, wait those are a fruit. Go ahead – I can take it.’

Lauren, for making my mom laugh when I read this to her: ‘Chocolate, but I’ve found out recently that I’m allergic -it makes my butt swell up.’

Crickl’s Nest, with commendable honesty: ‘Chocolate please. I made a fresh strawberry pie for dinner (had company) and I was wishing the whole time while eating it that I’d made something chocolate.’

For Question 4, "Eye Color"

(You in the blue? Your turn to drumroll for the group please! …and thank you for that!)

Diane, who claims every eye color on the planet, with this answer: ‘Eye color? Hazel-green, blue and brown.’   (And you know, Diane’s eyes? Probably gorgeous, with an answer like that.)

Jeana :’Green or Grey, depending on my mood and what color I’m wearing. Usually grey; when I’ve been crying they turn bright green.’ (I’m a JeanaFan. Aren’t we all just a little sad at the thought of Jeana crying and turning her eyes bright green? I am.)

Jenna: ‘Hypercolor! Blue/gray/gray green’ (By the way, that’s her alias.)

Emily: ‘Khaki green with goldish brown around the pupil. Dual-tone I guess you’d say?’

Geekwif: ‘Green and yellow striped – seriously.’


Peach, who has snagged the World’s Most Romantic and Eloquent Husband – (prepare to sigh in awe at this): ‘My hubby calls them "summer wheat", but I call them green. Just like Jeana, mine get brighter after tears.’  A MAN somewhere said ‘your eyes are like summer wheat.’ Wow.

Daisy: ‘pickle green’ (My mom loved this simple description.)

Heth: ‘Muddy.’

And the final category is Question 5, Overall LIfe Quality, 1-10:

Anyone still with me, please drumroll!

Heather: ‘Honestly? 8. It will move up to 9 once my toddler is potty-trained 100%. It’s a 10 when we’re on vacation.’

Suzi: ’8…live with chronic pain, but life is still good and God is great!’

Carol: ‘ranking 1-10 of overall life satisfaction: If there were no heaven, I’d say 10 – I’m pretty content overall. But compared to heaven, this life probably sucks rocks.’

Kevlar: ’2-9, depending on where I’m at.’

Perhaps I am deluding myself into thinking y’all might care about this still, but I wanted to follow through and put these up anway, even though you’ve probably all forgotten by now what that was all about. But yea for me for follow through, if not expediency.

Overheard today. Involved: J-Mom, Caden-2yr, and a hippo vaccuum toy in the kitchen.

J-Mom: "Don’t run over me please with the hippo vacuum."

Caden-2yr: (something unintelligible)

J-Mom: "I have a fear of hippos…. a hippo-phobia" (laughs, laughs, and laughs)


18 Comments on “Talk Back Awards, II”

March 25th, 2006
12:43 am

I also have a fear of hippos. Or I’m certain I would if I ever actually saw one. Hope tomorrow is better for ya…

Mary, mom to many

March 25th, 2006
3:11 am

Thanks for posting the Talk Back Y’all winners – those were great. I especially liked Lena and the booing and hurling of tomatoes. Very funny.

Chaotic Mom
March 25th, 2006
7:06 am

Oh, man! You are so FUNNY! I can’t believe what I’ve missed these last couple of days! Will have to read more, now… ;)

March 25th, 2006
8:01 am

Pseudo awards–haha! Lauren’s butt swelling made me laugh out loud.
(Whineing) If I had known there were going to be awards, I would have tried to be more clever. Man, I put down my sense of humor for ONE MOMENT…

March 25th, 2006
8:25 am

Not only are your readers good commenters. They’re darn funny too! Butt-swelling, throwing tomatoes (which, Lena, I can totally relate to – us chocolate haters have to stick together), chameleon eyes, hippos. Ok, so the last one wasn’t a comment, but between you and Jeana, I am always guaranteed a laugh a day.

By the way, the stripes are more like green and yellow spokes than targets, but cute cat!

Hope things start looking up for you soon. I really hate to see people I like feeling down. I’ll be prayin’!

Jeana's mama
March 25th, 2006
9:40 am

Somehow I missed the talk back award questions. Thanks for the winning responses. Re: chocolate—it’s a major food group, isn’t it?

March 25th, 2006
9:58 am

Y’all are too,too funny.Geekwif, I’m kinda glad your eyes don’t look exactly like that. Lena, so funny. You and Lauren just wait though — I HATED chocolate until this whole pre-mena -poo stage. Bad timing too, what with low metabolism and all.
Kelsey, Hope you are having a better day. You keep my laughing. Thanks for that.

March 25th, 2006
10:11 am

Yea to all the winners!! I’m just sad I didn’t get picked for my talent the first time around. I should have attached a picture : )

I have Hippo-phobia, too! Mine has to do with the size my hips are getting these days!!

March 25th, 2006
10:21 am

Loved the awards and shocked that I (actually my darling prince {DP})received an honorable mention! My eyes are actually similar to the cute kitty pictured, and I can see just as well as she does at night, which has always stumped my hubby. He can’t see two feet in front of his face in the dark. BTW, DP, is the most romantic and eloquent man I’ve ever met. After him, I wanted to meet no other!

Hope today is a great day, Kelsey, and we will keep coming back to encourage you anytime!

March 25th, 2006
12:01 pm

I need to make something very clear to Faith first. I still eat chocolate, what’s a little, okay a lotta, butt swelling between friends?

Thanks for the psuedo-award, Kelsey, and I hope things get easier for you. I’ll be praying too.

March 25th, 2006
1:46 pm

Hope things look up for you Kelsey. And laughter IS the best medicine, your readers are so clever.

March 25th, 2006
2:02 pm

Thank you so much for the pseudo award……Or maybe I should have offered a pseudo thanks? LOL
Hope things are better for you soon and I am praying for you, Kelsey. :)
One of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 40:31. I won’t write it out here because of space, but I have it memorized. I hope it will be an inspiration and a comfort to you.

March 25th, 2006
9:51 pm

I actually won?!?!?! Cool! So funny Kelsey and Kelsey’s Mom!!!! I luv, luv, luv your blog! Keeps me laughing. :)

March 26th, 2006
12:07 am

We need to make you a little graphic thingy for this. So everyone can put it up on their blogs and link it back to you. Much linkage is good.

March 26th, 2006
3:50 pm

Oh wow, why thank you my dear. How kind of you. I never win anything so this was quite a thrill.

March 27th, 2006
1:19 am

Two wins? I’m feeling speeecial.

If I can help make your hard time any easier with my silly comments, I am happy to. That’s what the blogging is all about girl!

Heather I.
March 27th, 2006
11:00 am

Hey, thanks for the mention! I’m with Carol. A Talk Back Awards button linked to your site would be fun.

The news: I’m at a 9 now. Another one potty trained! Once again, I’m reminded, it’s not the kids who decide; it’s the parents. We’ve just got to stick with it. (and clean up LOTS of messes.)

Blond Girl
March 27th, 2006
9:42 pm

Second and final? Darn! I didn’t even know there was a competition and I didn’t even get a chance to win. sigh.

I guess you meet some people too late, huh? You gonna do it again?

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