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A Quick Question

April 26th, 2006 at 12:06 am » Comments (27)

(Put on your best commercial voiceover voice now please)

Do you have a blog that I’m not visiting? At your convenience, please leave a comment or email pointing out that oversight. Several blogs I assumed were in my Bloglines were not, and yours could possibly be in that category as well. I’d like to take care of the matter. Also, if you lurk, and have a blog, please consider inviting me. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Updated due to my total lack of clarity when i wrote this at midniight:

Y’all are funny – and so kind – if you think I know how to update a sidebar, or a blogroll. If I did, y’all would all be there already. I’m talking about my Bloglines, which is what I use to get to all your sites. I’m considering making that public, with a link from my sidebar, which would be exactly LIKE a blogroll. Because that I can  – and do – update daily to include all the great bloggy goodness i find.

You’re Gonna Have to Take My Word On This…

April 24th, 2006 at 11:49 pm » Comments (49)

I am an AWFUL friend. Really. Not in BlogLand so much, but in Real Life, I suck.

Proof of my Suck-y-ness:

I don’t like a whole lot of people. Most people really annoy me.

I hate social gatherings, and get all weird and try to leave early, not go at all, or hang out in the bathroom. Which is dumb, because anyone who really knows me understands that the last thing I’d ever do is USE a public bathroom. Ew.

I will not put forth any effort for a relationship with someone who annoys me.

I will put forth only a TINY amount of effort for those few people that do not annoy me.

I do not call.

I do not send nice things in mail, like my great friend "C."

I do not do social things well, or consistently, or with superfluous people. (So if friend A wants me to go out with her and anyone else, or any other group of people, no. Sorry, but no. WHY? Because I might not like them. No, that’s not true. Because I DEFINITELY won’t like them. See what a snot I am? I hate social things.)

And don’t even get me started on attending ‘play groups’ with annoying mommies and a nice one here and there mixed in. I’ll proudly and selfishly sacrifice my kids’ social skills before I’ll do that scene again.

I do not have any interest in making new friends in Real Life. (Did you already reach that conclusion? Let’s just make it plain then.)

Occasionally I’ll think, "That person is really nice and does not annoy me. Maybe I should be her friend." Then I think of all the work that would entail and then I just think, ‘ahhh, screw it.’ And that’s the delightful end of the thought process that almost enlarged my teensy social circle.

As a result, I have VERY few friends, and am perfectly happy with that. The other day, Ethan-6yr said, "Mom, can we see what’s-her-name soon?"

I asked who he meant. (What’s-her-name? Huh?)

He said, "You know. The friend you have that is not "C", and is not Aunt LaLa."

I had to crack up, because that perfectly described my friend whose name he can never remember, even though he’s known her his entire life. The friend who is not "C" and who is also not your sister. HA! Love that. It was a spot-on description of my entire social network.

The two people, unrelated to me, who are my friends are persistent people who probably put waaaay more into our relationship than I do. (Thanks, y’all)

Okay, so I’ve made my case right? None of you are going to try and tell me "Oooh, I don’t believe it ’cause you’re so nice online…?" Right? Y’all wouldn’t, right, because – re read the title of the post please – take my word on it. I’m not a good friend in Real Life.


I did something weird. I’ve had my eye on a potential "really nice, not annoying, huh… maybe…." person. For two years. (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT.)

And I emailed and asked her to dinner. (I SAID I don’t do the phone, ok? Yes, i EMAILED, you read THAT right, too.)

This person knows ALL the ugliness in my family right now, and yet….? She said yes.

Tonight, we talked on the phone. (I’m not good with phones. When she called, I ANSWERED. That’s weird for me.) We talked for a long time.

I do not think there were weird, awkward pauses.

We’re having dinner Thursday night.

I will probably mess up because that’s what i do, and i cannot reasonably handle more than two friends who are not family members, and ohmigosh what have i done? but she’s nice. hmmm. 

Yes. I am fully aware that there are prescription medicines available for social anxiety issues as described above. But in order to take them, I think you have to consider these issues problematic. I do not. Merely describing here, y’all, not crying out for help.

You know what happened the last time I thought, "she’s nice…. not annoying…. hmmm….?" I sized HER up for 2 years, we started to become (gulp!) ‘friends’ and immediately she said, "I wish we’d been talking for the last two years, because I’m moving next month."

I’m nervous, can you tell? And defensive. I think that’s the deal with all the capitalizing.

If Mike Were Home…

April 24th, 2006 at 1:44 am » Comments (21)


Mike and the two older kids are gone on a trip. If he were here though,

1) i wouldn’t be blogging at 1:30 in the morning

2) there would be a better chance of good leftovers in the fridge right now. (Meaning, I haven’t been cooking, since Caden-2yr isn’t so hot on food right now, and for me…? Oh please.)

3) there would be another adult on hand to battle the Onslaught of the Poo, or, the Virus That Has Yet To Be Conquered. (Poor Caden-2yr!)

4) I might confess that I shmushed the top of the car with the garage door the other day. (But it just made a really loud noise and then went riiiight back up. It’s not like it kept coming down and sliced the car in half or anything.)

5) I probably wouldn’t have schlepped around the house looking quite like I did the last two days.

6) yeah, ok, so I would’ve.Heart_3

7) There would be more dirty laundry around and a far better m&m supply. Because he makes sure that I never run out of either of those.

Get Real Monday

April 23rd, 2006 at 1:36 pm » Comments (20)

Randi has a great thing going on Mondays, and I’m joining in on this one. She wants to know what we all do to relax. Which is better than the time we had to post pictures of how messy our house was or what we looked like in the 80s. (I skipped the 80s one!)

But this one, I can totally do. The one thing I do to relax, is hang out here:


What, did you think I was posting a picture of ME in there?!

Anyway, I make sure there are no cute little boys around.

I light those blue candles in the corner.

(The water is a normal color, too, when it’s my turn)

I take along chocolate, a book, and a Diet Sprite.

And Spring Green Vitabath because it’s the best!

Brownies are great. (So are Brownie Points)

April 22nd, 2006 at 10:00 pm » Comments (4)

have you ever had someone pop into your life and be SO AMAZINGLY NICE to you that you didn’t know how to take it? I mean, every time you turn around POW, huge blessing from that same person? (not in a creepy way at all – more like a ‘whoah, does God love me today or WHAT? kinda way)

I won’t go into all the details here of why Heather is that person in my life, but dude. Seriously. SHE IS. Anyway, she has a great contest up on her site, and you can go here to read about it. You need to, because it’s just in time for mother’s day and you could POW, bless your mom’s socks off. Go see what I mean.


Heather said that brownie points were to be given to sites that mention her contest, and I am more than happy to do anything i can to return any goodness her way that I possibly can.

(But if you wanted a post on brownies, go here. But only after you go here.)

I’m So, So Late With This…

April 22nd, 2006 at 4:14 pm » Comments (19)

Everyone in the world has already posted their 6 Weird Things. In fact, one blogger I saw had it as 5 Weird Things. But I’m finally doing it! Thank you for the tags, Jan,  Mary, and Cheeriobutt!

6 Weird Things

1. I like ice cream but will never, EVER scoop it myself. I’d rather not eat it than do that. It’s not even tempting.

2. I hate my legs, and rarely wear skirts, dresses, or shorts. Jeans, baby. Everyday. (I’ve made a few exceptions recently for Easter and a funeral, and HATED EVERY MINUTE until I could slip into my jeans again.)

3. I had a crush on this guy in the 90s. (It couldn’t have been the jeans. Or the hair. Must have been the voice.)

4. And this guy too. (Again, baaaad pants and bad hair. great voice.)

5. I played with bugs and snails as a kid and I collected roly polies in a round, cardboard Quaker Oats canister. Hundreds. of. them.   (I’m grossing myself out right now at the memory)

6. I always knew (easily, from the age of 5) that the love of my life would have brown hair and brown eyes. Always.


(Yeah, that’s Caden-2yr with the chocolate on his face, but I was talking about the other one, yaknow.  Mike.) 

Updated to add:


Updated AGAIN to add: forgot to tag people. tag yourself if you haven’t done it yet, and let me know in comments on this here post so i can come visit!

Living Beyond Yourself. Sorta. AGAIN.

April 21st, 2006 at 10:05 pm » Comments (23)

Guess what? I’m behind on my study. Instead, I’ll share with you what God’s been saying to me, which may or not look anything like what the rest of the ladies are writing, but whatever.

First off, I love it that not all of you share my faith and you come here anyway. LOVE THAT. I like it that you’re different denominations, religions, or none and we all hang out anyway. I’ve said it before, but I wanted to reiterate it tonight.

God talks to me. He talks to you too, by the way. Are you listening? By the end of the next paragraph – regardless of your beliefs -  you will 100% be convinced that if you aren’t hearing God, you need to be, like NOW. Hearing God can be totally RELEVANT and BENEFICIAL. Totally, y’all.

Wednesday night Caden-2yr woke up sick. Like, he was ‘IN the sick.’  Ew. I got him calmed down, Mike cleaned him up, and we took him to bed with us. An hour and a half later I was half asleep and I looked over to check on Caden-2yr. He looked at me, and THE VOICE OF THE LORD said, "Moooooooove!" (I hear it in my head, but i know and adore that voice.) Caden-2yr looked fine, but I instantly did as He said, and sat up real fast. Caden-2yr immediately vomited all over where I’d been.

I LOVE GOD, don’t you?! He’s to the point, helpful, concerned. Love that.


Jump ahead to Thursday night, or night number 2 of Sleepless in My Bed with Caden-2yr. Thunder and lightning kept Caden-2yr close, as he is terrified of storms. I tried to quiet him and get him to sleep. He desperately needed rest as he recovered from a stomach virus. It took an hour and a half before he fell asleep – an hour and a half of him playing and fidgeting in between thunderclaps, and then clinging to me desperately when they sounded, or when lightning lit up the room.

During the storm,

1) he scooted away and did his own thing when the storm didn’t seem as bad

2) he clung to me when it sounded or looked scary

3) he focused on how it impacted him (of course. he’s 2.)

During that hour and a half, God pointed out that I do the same things. Ouch!

The first two seemed obvious. Yeah, I get it about staying closer to God when life seems rougher, and not when it doesn’t. I do that, I admit it. But the last one? Huh, God?

That one deals with the Big Picture. Caden-2yr couldn’t see that last night’s storm was a HUGE blessing, and badly needed by everyone in our area. He could only see it as a personal inconvenience, something to fear, a problem to endure.

And that’s where I’m guilty as well.  My family is going thorough a Storm of our own, one unlike any other we’ve faced before. And I have completely seen it as an inconvenience, something to fear, and a problem to endure. Have I seen the Big Picture, that in some way this ‘storm’ could possibly bless countless people? Nope. Like Caden-2yr, I cannot even conceive of the Big Picture.

Last night I had the privilege of comforting my child, as he feared the sounds and flashes outside. I also had the privilege of being a child comforted by the One who reassured me that this too, will pass. That He does have a plan. That there is a Big Picture. That He is my refuge and my strength.

Oh, thank God for that! Because I SO need that. You?

Heather HolyMama! Eph2810
Christy Jenn Karin

This is a list of the women participating in the study and the links to their
blogs. New postings on the study will be published weekly, between Friday
8pm – Saturday 8am. Please feel free to visit each of us and comment.
Everyone is welcome to participate in this discussion as we seek to live
beyond ourselves. May God bless you richly from the hearing of His word.

Hello, From Survivor#1

April 21st, 2006 at 1:30 pm » Comments (14)

Wednesday night was the Night of Vomit around here. Out of sheer brilliance I went to bed early, which allowed me a few hours sleep before the chaos ensued. Poor Caden-2yr!  No more nasty details there, except to say that at 4 am when Mike suggested I take a nice warm shower, what he really meant was "You have chunks in your hair, but I’m not gonna say it." [Note: No, I do not read 'hidden meanings' very well at 4 am, and I did not get another opportunity for a shower until noon the next day.]

Thursday was pure survival. And last night was the Night of Storms. Poor Caden-2yr! He is afraid of thunder and lightning, so he ‘slept’ with me. Mike, the official Vomit Cleaner Upper of this home, had left for a trip. Before. The. Vomiting. Ceased.

I’m an awful stand-in for that role. Awful. I tend to add to the mess before it gets better. Anyway. Glad to be back. If you see a stomach virus coming, run really fast the other way while praying.

A Few Little Things

April 18th, 2006 at 9:33 pm » Comments (21)

1. Tonight is J-Mom’s last night. She leaves in the morning, which means we’ll be up all night talking and laughing and crying. She and HolySister and I eke out every last minute of a visit, every time, no matter how long the visit is.

2. This? Somehow I failed to mention that it was 100% unsolicited on my part. She just did it.

3. I’ll be back to more regular blogging/visiting blogs soon.

4. I have a 6 Weird Things to do, which I’ll get to soon.

5. Sometimes it’s really, really inconvenient to have placed your life fully in God’s hands.


Because sometimes you’ll have in your head exactly why one thing is the right decision – for reasons like, 1 to 986 already, and then God will direct you to do EXACTLY the opposite. For NO apparent reason, and you’ll HAVE TO, because of the whole ‘obey God’ thing you’ve got going on. And maybe you’ll ask, "Hey, with all due respect, could you please clue me in on WHY?" And then maybe?! Maybe the answer will be "No. But do it anyway."

At those moments, y’all, it would be much more convenient if I were the one in control of my life, and if for 986 reasons a certain decision would be ‘working out’. But you know, His ways are not my ways and all. Yo. Clearly. And that’d be the problem.

Geesh. (I know. It’s an ugly, bratty moment in my spirituality. Glad I could share.)

Happy Birthday, J-Mom! (Talk Back, Y’all!)

April 17th, 2006 at 4:01 pm » Comments (25)

Today is my mom’s birthday. She also mentioned that it woulda been Hitler’s also. Well, let’s par-teeee!

(well, now she says that may not be true and she doesn’t want to be linked with Hitler. So forget I said that, because I’m not deleting it) 

Anyway, let’s TALK BACK!

J-Mom asked,

Q: How many of your past birthdays can you remember?

J-Mom remembers a birthday in Paris where she shared a dinner cruise with the actor who plays Dr. John Dixon on As The World Turns. (He wasn’t her date or anything, just a coincidental meeting) Another birthday was a picnic in a bluebonnet field when she was 7. She had 2 surprise birthday parties on her 18th, and she remembers the birthday she spent in Hawaii – a few days after one of my kids was born.  (Total of 4)

(Updated to add: She has since remembered 2 more. Total of 6)

Leave your answer in Comments!