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Thank You!

May 12th, 2006 at 11:52 pm » Comments (13)

What fantastic advice and information all of you have about sick kids and pedialyte! I’m bookmarking that post for future reference. A wealth of wisdom in the comments section, y’all!

Seth-6mth is doing better. I bought the pedialyte but didn’t end up trying it when he didn’t get sick again.

I’m soooo not posting on LBY either. i’m behind again, and trying to de-vomit the house, and that’s taking priority right now. And if you had a whiff of my house, you’d agree. You know what? Baby Vomit smells just as bad as Big Kid Vomit. Except that when a baby pukes, you can’t yell "Run to the potty! Run! Ruuuuuuun!" You just have to sit there and pat the back and watch as it spurts all over you – because of course you’re holding the sweet baby – and shake your head in horror as it runs down your clothes and ruins your cute shoes. 

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Pedialyte Question

May 12th, 2006 at 1:28 pm » Comments (15)

Anyone know how old your baby has to be in order to drink Pedialyte? Seth-6mth isn’t keeping anything down, and the pediatrician’s office is closed. THougth I’d ask y’all before schlepping us all to the walk in clinic. (His only other sympton is massive amounts of clear snot. I’m bulb syringe-ing that out. Ew.)

My Apologies to Typepad

May 11th, 2006 at 2:11 pm » Comments (17)

I got all huffy and thought my blog was so annoyed with me it wouldn’t accept any future posts or comments. YellowMama, dear friend and new blogger, helpfully asked if my blog was ‘full.’ Isn’t that cute? I may have left comments on your blogs that said something like ‘typepad issues.’ umm. sorry. if typepad were leaving comments around last night, they would have said something like, ‘geez. stupid HolyMama issues.’ 

I sorta broke my blog, which is why y’all couldn’t comment either, but now it’s fixed. Yea!

A Book to Love, Fat Creations, and Music for New Moms

May 9th, 2006 at 3:29 pm » Comments (4)

I don’t have ads on my site right now,  or maybe ever – who knows? Today is no different, I assure you. The following are not ads, they are heartfelt, unsolicited endorsements!

Incredible Find #1:

Heather Ivester at Mom 2 Mom Connection is the author of From a Daughter’s Heart to Her Mom. I’ve had the honor of reading this book, and it’s absolutely delightful! Immediately I was impressed with the quality of the book (publoisher: Nelson Books), and then the photos caught my attention. Heather_ivester

I’m not just saying this because Heather is truly my Blog Friend and all, but the writing will really touch you. She wrote the book at the same time her mother was undergoing chemo treatment for ovarian cancer. Her tender words of appreciation  moved me, and totally made me wish I could write like that!

Have’t found a great Mother’s Day gift? Trust me on this one, yes you have!

Incredible Find #2:

My sister told me about these amazingly well made, lovely stuffed animals she knew about. A friend of hers had just opened a business selling them, and she’s taking orders and making them just as quickly as she can. I bookmarked the site, and recently went and bought my very first (of several, I assure you) Fat Creations. Jen makes these darling animals BY HAND, y’all, and they are so, so sweet. Caden-2yr and Seth-6mth positively adore the Fat Cow I bought. Here he is, posing in the kitchen before I took off tags and handed him over:



Isn’t his tail cute? Seth-6mth sucks on it until it is soppy. Jen can take custom orders for all her animals. Wanna pink cow? A cow print duck? I bet she can do it. And she has ‘more childproof’ options, like a certain kind of eye also, but I don’t really understand that. I think that any PINK animal also benefits breast cancer research, so guess what I’m getting next? (Okay, I don’t know, but it’ll be pink!)


The Sweetest Pea’s Fat Creations made it big last week and was featured on a really cool site, Cool Mom Picks. (And clearly I am proof that cool moms DO pick Fat Creations!)

Incredible Find #3:

This amazing woman used to sing in a trio I had the pleasure of hearing a few times. In fact, while pregnant for the first time, I played their CD over and over. Months later, that sweet baby would respond to the songs on that CD, since I’d listened so often! Now, I’m pleased to describe her new CD. It’s called For This Child I Pray. As the music plays in the background, Tanya prays loving prayers over your baby – and teaches you to do the same by example! Isn’t that the best?!

I know when I held my little babies for the first time I looked at them and thought…. ‘hmm. i should pray…. but WHAT?!’ This CD helps you through any of that! Seth-6mth heard it for the first time yesterday, and to my surprise, responded with giggles and coos instantly. It passed his test!

SmallcdcoverTanya’s site is here, and I noticed she takes Paypal – always a plus in my book!

Nothing and Everything

May 8th, 2006 at 2:36 pm » Comments (20)

NOTHING has changed in my life and yet, truly, EVERYTHING has. All the ugly circumstances – and yeah, i do mean UGLY – they’re still exactly the same. Exactly. But this weekend I got a God Shake-Up, and He tweaked my perspective. Suddenly, every last thing is changed about how I’m feeling, thinking, and seeing things.

I could quote some scriptures about joy (because that’s totally what it is) but I won’t. I’ll paraphrase and say He gave me the kind of joy that really doesn’t make any kind of sense and doesn’t have anything to do with my circumstances. It’s kinda like happy, but more so – bigger than happy. Kind of like ‘Happy with a side order of Peace and a big dollop of Divine Perspective.’

You know what I just remembered? Friday night I had the three boys with me at the mall and Ethan-6yr was talking my EAR OFF, as usual. But he was talking specifically and at length about joy.

Thank you God, that when I missed that particular message, you hit ‘re-send’ the next day. That was way cool of You.

(Pssssst. Hey, Yellowmama – post your ‘looking at the weeds’ story, won’t you?)

Haven’t Been Around Too Much…

May 6th, 2006 at 12:13 am » Comments (25)

Life sort of vomited chaos all over me today. I’ll be back whenever I get cleaned up.

As if that lovely sensory image isn’t enough, here’s the latest Ethan-6yr story:

We’re eating lunch at the dining room table, when Ethan-6yr gets up and goes over to Charlo (the cat). He gets face to face with him, then returns to his chair and resumes eating. He makes weird faces, and finally says, "I just smelled Charlo’s nose – with my nose – and it smelled like poop. I wonder why his nose smelled like poop."

And so did the rest of us, unfortunately, while we chewed. And I also wondered why he suddenly felt the need to go smell the cat’s nose, but I didn’t ask. You never know what the answer will be, and I’d already heard plenty.


May 4th, 2006 at 3:05 pm » Comments (2)

Yep, y’all are good. YellowMama is often said to resemble Carol Burnett. But I was impressed, and could see the resemblence of the other guesses that were made.

(Why do a simple introduction, when there can be a stupid game as well? Thanks for playing along, humoring me, and for welcoming her to BlogLand as warmly as you did for me! Brownies all around!)

She issued a hair challenge of her own, but HA! I beat her to it

Thursday Thirteen

May 3rd, 2006 at 9:52 pm » Comments (31)


Isn’t that banner lovely? I got it from Chaotic Mom – isn’t she talented?!

Thirteen Things I Learned This Week

1. When weeding in the front yard, make sure you’re not wearing highwaisted panties and lowerwaisted jeans, so that your undies are on the outside above your waistline. That’s ugly.

2. When weeding in the back yard, who cares?

3. A certain 2 yr old who LOVES guacamole can have too much.

4. In case #3, make sure Mike is the one changing the next diaper.

5. Or, the next three diapers, to be accurate.

6. The post office at the mall – although SO convenient for using as a legitimate excuse to GO to the mall – is not really convenient. It isn’t near any of my favorite stores, and closes at a weird time.

7. But that just means I get to go to that same mall, ahem, post office, the next day too!

8. If you watch the severe weather reports on tv with a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old right before they go to bed, they will be too freaked out to go to sleep.

9. Even if the severe weather is 50 miles away, because they missed that crucial detail.

10. And then they’ll be freaked by EVERY SINGLE NOISE for the next three whole hours.

11. And singing "God is Bigger Than The Boogeyman" works ok, but really only if you’re a carrot and you’re on tv. For my real, live kids who are secretly enjoying the drama and the freaking… Not so much.


12. My 6 yr old can do the new elliptical exercise thing we bought every bit as well as i can.

13. That’s especially depressing because I am out of breath and DYING at four minutes into it, whereas he just gets bored and goes off to create havoc somewhere else. (And i worked my way UP to four minutes, from three. I rock.)

(#11 refers to Veggie Tales, y’all)

Works For Me Wednesday (Sorta)

May 3rd, 2006 at 2:26 pm » Comments (10)

I’ve wanted to do this for awhile. But, Shannon, not everyone HAS little shortcuts that makes the rest of the blogosphere go, "Hmmm! I’d like that bit of my daily routine to run as smoothly as HERS!" Ha!! As IF! Usually people read here to learn what NOT to do!

Little shortcuts around the house? I’m just not full of em. And this one is not even for the house. It’s for shopping! Yea!

When I’m at a store of some sort it almost always happens. Some well meaning sales person will say, "Would you like to save 5% and open a line of credit with us today?"

I smile and decline, politely. That was the person’s job – to ask me ONCE, after all.


When that person gets pushy and tries to sell me on it, I have a surefire answer. Memorize, then use a loud voice, and a big smile: "No, I declined your offer the first time you asked because EVERY SINGLE TIME you apply for one of these things – EVEN IF YOU’RE APPROVED – your credit score takes a hit. DID YOU KNOW THAT?! Just not worth the 5%, but thank you."

All the better if you’re holding up a line of say, 5 or 10 people, because those customers will usually flash grateful smiles.

Updated: Y’all aren’t missing the All Important Introductory Post below, right?!

Introducing A Real Life Friend!

May 3rd, 2006 at 1:25 pm » Comments (24)

I’m so excited to do this! One of my friends – ahem. As in, I have more than one friend, barely, and this is one of ‘em – is  blogging. I’ve mentioned her before, but not that she was one of my Real Life Friends. But now I can.  Yea! It’s just like Blond Girl and the Geekwif – a relationship that always stirs up my envy!!

So….  (drumroll)

Heeeeeeere’s Yellow Mama! (Oooh, HolyMama and Yellow Mama, I love it!) Her blog is called One Step Up From Stupid, and you’ll adore it and her. Yellow Mama needs some reader insight on an issue so while you’re there, be sure to go down to the post entitled, "If you’re gray and you know it clap your hands." You’ll also get to see a  picture of her, and participate in an important poll regarding hair. What could be more important?!

Brownie points to anyone who visits, then comes back to this post right here and leaves a guess as to which celebrity she is often said to resemble.

(Incidentally, Yellow Mama and this other celebrity have fantastic senses of humor. hint. hint.)