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BooMama’s Tour of Homes

July 27th, 2006 at 11:27 pm » Comments (84)

BooMama’s Tour Of Homes Join in, if you haven’t already! (I’ll be over to put my feet up on your coffee table soon. )


1. The Front Door

I wish y’all could see the little doorbell my mom got me. It’s a formal topiary and she knew I’d love it.


2. The Blogging Place

Yep, that’s my bed, so I kept that shot kind of narrow.


3. Living

Yeah, that’s a high chair in there. Wanna make something of it?


4. Kitchen


5. Where I hang out – never too far from this guy:


Gotta Love BooMama!

July 27th, 2006 at 2:32 pm » Comments (15)

She’s hilarious. I hope y’all all know her already, but if you don’t just go ahead and bookmark her under "SuperFunny Blogs." What, don’t have that folder yet? Go ahead and make one – this post isn’t going anywhere.

Tomorrow (Friday) is her Tour of Homes. If I can find that magical gray cord that runs from my laptop to the camera and makes my participation possible, well, I will. Otherwise,  you know, I won’t.

Note to my Mom, also known here as "J-Mom":

Hi. Yes, that missing gray cord issue would explain the recent lack of baby pictures. Oops. I’ll find it, or get a new one soon, so don’t worry. I know, I know. How can you lose one of those anyway? Doesn’t it just sort of hang out in the general laptop vicinity? Well, usually. And if I really knew the answer to that it wouldn’t be lost. Actually, you aren’t wondering how I lost it at all, seeing as how you’ve seen my house and noticed it’s Bermuda Triangle effect on, well, everything.

So regardless of my maybe participation in BooMama’s tour, I wanted to encourage y’all to join in. I love that one of her goals is to show how grateful we are for these homes that will be on tour.

How true that is for us! Mike and I have lived in all different kinds and sizes of homes and been so immensely blessed by each of them. I have many fond memories in what we call the Drug Dealer Rent House. No, we weren’t dealing drugs, but the neighbors were and so our kids couldn’t go outside.

But WITHIN our walls – what a sweet home we had! And the mice, too. The mice had a sweet home there too, now that I think of it…  Anyway. I’m humbled by the blessing each of our homes has turned out to be. Thank you to BooMama for giving us all a fun way to be reminded of that!

Works For Me Wednesday

July 26th, 2006 at 1:14 am » Comments (22)


Joining in with Shannon!

This particular topic has come up two whole times in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d address it.  Ladies, if you want flowers, BUY THEM YOUR OWN DARN SELF.

Do not leave hints,

(men don’t ‘get’ hints, fyi)



fervently hope that someone else will do it for you.

Do you want flowers or do you want to be a big pain in the neck?

If it’s flowers you want, put them in your cart and MOVE ON to the pasta aisle. Really. It’s that simple. It’s AS EASY as buying milk, and WAY easier than buying tampons with curious kids around. So just do it. Ta da! Works for me.

Also, you can even have them delivered to yourself. I’ve done the supermarket style lots of times, and had them delivered a few times. Mike also is a flower giver. ALL OF THESE APPROACHES YIELD PRETTY FLOWERS IN MY HOME. Yea! It’ll work for you too!

Am I crabby sounding? It’s my nonexistent weight loss. Sorry.

Invisible Poundage Lost!

July 25th, 2006 at 11:45 pm » Comments (15)

How to Lose 8 Pounds and Not Have Your CLothes Fit Any Differently:

lose only from your earlobes,

your head and face

your ankles and wrists (no they weren’t fat before)

your elbows?

Ummm. Ok. I have no idea how to lose 8 pounds and seemingly not be any smaller. I mean, 2 or 3 pounds I can understand. But EIGHT? That’s like, 32 Quarter Pounders, right? Or something like that? How can I lose eight whole pounds and there not be a change in clothing size, or the way they even fit? That’s craziness. Maybe my scale is just playing a horrible trick on me and I haven’t lost any weight at all.

Maybe it’s all disappeared from my head and I actually look like a Pinhead Person, and no one has known how to tell me.

Maybe it’s all going to show up missing at once, and I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and bound to the bathroom, like I’m a space-walking astronaut getting used to my new, lower gravitational pull.

Maybe I really should have measured and kept track of inches lost (if any), but I didn’t. Gah.

None of Ethan-6yr’s Business!

July 24th, 2006 at 5:09 pm » Comments (38)

Just another conversation with Ethan-6 yr:

"So, Mom?"


"When do you think you and dad will be ready to mate again?"

(long, stunned pause.)


Ethan-6yr was genuinely puzzled at my response, having thought it was a perfectly reasonable question. Sheesh.

No more Animal Planet for awhile, I think.

Blogging Lesson

July 23rd, 2006 at 2:50 pm » Comments (6)

Lesson: Never ever blog on little sleep, much stress, and the dizzying effects of an emotional few days. You might click on your site the next day and be totally surprised and somewhat horrified at what you’ve written. 

Stepping away from the laptop now…

Not the Original Material Girl…

July 22nd, 2006 at 11:55 pm » Comments (13)

We were out of town, visiting Kim-12yr. It was our first visit, and we weren’t sure we were even all going to get to go, due to a last minute virus thing. It was gross. I won’t add any more details (really, Carol! I won’t!).

I tried to ‘autopost’ stuff while i was gone, then decided against it. It’s not like i’m Madonna in the 80s. I’m just me and it’s just a blog.  Yeah, so whatever. The real truth is i DID try to autopost and then i messed it up, and THEN i decided to remind myself I’m not Madonna in the 80s. But ew. Really, who would want to be, anyway?

It was a good visit, lots of intense family therapy. I thought I was fine, and then I fell apart and CRIED after I got a speeding ticket (yeah, another one) on the way home today. Yes. I cried. How silly.  I think the previous days must have been a little more stressful than I thought, and it all caught up with me right then.

Oh so tired. Too bad I’m not more crafty. I could make a really pointy Madonna Bra out of cone shaped party hats. But I"m not crafty, and I’m so tired that I think that’s actually really funny. I suspect it’s not… and I wish Vogue weren’t stuck in my head just now…

Using My (Limited) Powers for GOOD

July 17th, 2006 at 3:21 pm » Comments (29)

It’s the 17th! Every month here on the 17th, I’ll remind you to do one very important thing.

(Warning: Do not flinch and click away, men. This is for y’all too.)

Breast Self Exams! YEA! You should be doing those once a month. Are ya? If so, keep up with your own regularly scheduled regimen. Otherwise, join in. It’s important. And men? Your job is to send this to the women you know and love in order to remind them. (Or you could call them one by one and say, "Hi. Would you go do a breast self exam please? It’s important to me because YOU are important to me." Which one would you rather choose, guys? Yeah. Thought so.)


Each 17th, I’ll remind you, and ask that you then bravely leave a comment along the lines of: "Done!", "Did it!", "All clear!" etc. Or for the men, "Reminded one wonderful wife." If you don’t want everyone knowing it’s you for any reason, just comment using the Anonymous button.

So, you there…? Just get up and get it over with for the month. You know you mean to, but then forget, and then just don’t do it for whatever reason… go ahead. Let’s do the whole self exam thing together, (ew, that sounded wrong) and remember that early detection is really important in fighting breast cancer. So… go examine. Fight Breast Cancer. (Then comment only AFTER you did it. No good intentions here. The action is what counts here, not the thought, y’all.)

Need to remember HOW? Click here.

Need to remember WHY? Click here.

Boob Humor: What happens when Seth-8mth blows raspberries at the SAME TIME he’s nursing? I get a face FULL of splattered milk and a laughing baby who can’t WAIT to do it again! Oh,  the joy.

Now GO! (Then come back.)

Edited to Add: Hmm. Just type in ‘Anonymous’ if you’d like, or make up a pseudonym if you’d like to remain anonymous. I just realized I don’t have an Anonymous button. And Typepad comments might be down again. I tried to leave the first one, but it wouldn’t take it. So, here: "I did it!"

You’re next. If your comment won’t work, try leaving it later please!

Beans and Lentils

July 14th, 2006 at 11:35 am » Comments (35)

Anyone know how to pronounce the word ‘legume?’ I’m looking for the most common pronunciation in the States.

HolySister says, "Leg-Yoom," but it must also be pointed out that HolySister has lived in various countries around the world and her accent and pronunciation of some words tends to reflect this. 

HolySister says ‘herbs’ WITH  the H. Ahem.

Although yesterday when I asked her, she was kind enough to look it up in THREE different dictionaries for me, and then told me I was then obligated to accept her "Leg-Yoom" assessment, since she 1) I asked HER and 2) she went to some trouble.

So, what do y’all think?


July 13th, 2006 at 11:33 am » Comments (7)

there were comments on that last post, and now there are just 9. hmm. i didn’t delete them, and just wanted you to know that in case you noticed and thought maybe i did…

actually i’m thrilled at the response to that last post! twenty five of you joined sparkpeople yesterday! yea! let’s get all healthy together!