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What Works For Me…

July 12th, 2006 at 1:04 am » Comments (28)

Wfmwheader_copy3_1 totally works for me. I LOVE IT.

It’s free. It’s a website. It helps you with fitness and nutrition goals, and it KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED. Really.

I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and have lost 4.5 pounds.  Yea! What’s more is that I’m learning so much about nutrition  – stuff that never ever made sense to me before. Now I kinda know what a trans fat thing is or a complex vs. simple carb. And… I care! 

Have you heard that if you eat well, you just feel better? I never ever believed that before. I thought it was a bunch of crap, sold to us by the people who make tofu or something. But!? It’s true. I just never knew it before because I made poor food choices. (Yes, that’s what we say at Sparkpeople. "Poor food choices.")

If you want to join me, tell them Holymama sent you. I’ll get Sparkpoints (HUGE THRILL, YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND) and you’ll get fit. WIn-win!

You also get to spin this cool wheel once a day for Sparkpoints. Yesterday I got 25! Oh yes I did. And if you think spinning a wheel to log in is a patronizingly stupid incentive, well so did I. Briefly. And now… it totally works for me!

Following Up

July 9th, 2006 at 10:20 pm » Comments (18)

At Mike’s suggestion, I sent this on to the Corporate Headquarters. They have requested I call immediately, and give a certain reference number. Hmm.

Sounds like they are aware of the vast influence of the blogosphere.  I am so very important, it seems. Who knew?

(Or, you know, that’s like standard procedure, or something.)

Four Conversations from Today

July 9th, 2006 at 12:07 am » Comments (19)


Me, changing Seth-8mth’s diaper, "Help! THere’s a turd on the bed!"

Mike: "Pick it UP!"

Me: "Nuh UH, you pick it up!"

MIke: "No, YOU!"

(Yes. We sounded like we were about nine and a half years old. I know.)

Mike: "It’s rolling away! Grab it!"

Me: "No, YOU grab it!"

The poo was safely caught and disposed of, and ha. I was not the one who lost that argument and had to grab the rolling turd. It was, however, on my side of the bed.


Today we went to a little out door market thing an hour away from home. It was hot. We had fun until I really, really wanted to get out of there, and Seth-8 mth staged an inconvenient nursing strike.

Me: "Do we have any napkins?"

MIke: "No, but we have wet wipes."

Me: "That won’t work. I need to stuff my bra."

MIke:  An "I am NOT EVEN going to ask" look

Me: "I forgot nursing pads, and Seth-8mth won’t eat and blah blah blah…"

FYI: The cheapo napkins from Sonic are awfully lumpy when used for this purpose. It’s not a look I recommend.


Mike: "You ok?"

Me: "I do NOT want to shop, I’m hot, I want to leave, and I do NOT want to SHOP."

(Not funny, I just record it here that yes, I actually said those words today.)


Mike: "What do you want?"

(We’re at Sonic, getting ‘nursing napkins’)

Me: "A really big Diet Sprite and a handful of M&Ms."

Mike: "You want me to ask for THAT?"

Me: "Yeah. You asked what I want. That’s what I want."

Mike: "A HANDFUL of M&Ms?"

Me: "Yeah. A handful that preferably comes from someone with big, clean hands."

I thought he was going to ask for me, but he didn’t. He said he’d rather stop at the gas station down the street instead of asking for some big handed, hygienically minded Sonic employee to serve up some plain m&ms.   

Is There Life After Attachment Disorder?

July 6th, 2006 at 2:06 pm » Comments (39)

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I should write about what it has been like, since taking Kim-12 yr to her new home away from home. (She’ll be there for about 18 months, getting treatment for Attachment Disorder.)

So, how has the last month been? In all honesty, it’s been great. Yes, there’s life, and it is better than I dared hope. I miss her. Who she was a few years ago, anyway. Who she was before the last two and a half years of hell.  And sometimes it’s hard to remember that person, to be honest. I look forward to meeting her again, and I know I will one day in another year or so.

In the meantime, each day there are new things to appreciate and enjoy. Each day a small part of me comes back to life that I had long since assumed was dead and gone. I’d more than forgotten who I was – I’d figured I was someone else entirely. I thought I was someone who hated social stuff, hated fun, was constantly battling depression and was someone not inherently likeable. And I was actually ok with all of that.

Turns out all of that was just byproducts of years of stress brought about by a situation. Not me at all. It’s kind of fun to figure out who I really am again. I know, I know – most people do that at 13 and 14 and it IS NOT fun. Well, without the raging hormones, and an adult perspective? It’s FUN!

This new version of our family changes every single day. We’re all loosening up – learning how to be ourselves without this constant stress of how to be safe, how to manage her latest impending blowup, how to talk about her normally, how to tell people where she is, how to enjoy life. How to live life without walking on eggshells. How to sleep without nightmares about what she’s wanting to do or has already done.

Turns out that without the emotional and mental drain of dealing with her issues and their symptoms, we all have time and energy and patience to pour into so many other areas. How nice!

I guess we’re all recovering and healing from the last years. Every day there were blow ups, manipulations, stealing to deal with, violent thoughts, actions, words or threats to deal with and survive. Without even noticing, our family had slipped into Survival Mode, and gotten comfortable. Accepting it as our lot in life, and counting it a successful day if we were just still standing and not broken down completely when everyone was safely in bed for the night. Or hoping they were safe in bed, rather.

So, if you’ve been wondering, we’re great. REALLY great. And trying not to feel guilty for it, and usually succeeding now. We’re busy collecting new hobbies and hangouts and friends that we never had the time or energy for before. Can’t wait to tell y’all all about them!

House Rules

July 3rd, 2006 at 3:33 pm » Comments (37)

Our house has just three rules. Well, really we have a TON of rules, but Mike and I are sneaky, sneaky parents who have found a way to classify all rules into the Three Rules. 

A a kid in our house is likely to be asked periodically, "What are the rules?"

To which he or she will reply, "Be honest, be obedient, be respectful."

And then the follow up question is usually,
And WHICH one did you have trouble with?, and then the conversation goes from there. 

Those three rules cover everything, really. Ethan-6yr is smacking his brother with a stick in the backyard…? He’ll tell you he’s not beng respectful of his brother (or respectful of his brother’s need to keep his skin in one, large, unbroken piece) if you ask him. See how those three blanket rules cover lots?

One of the things Mike and I have always drilled home is that if one of us should give a kid an answer, that child better NOT go to the other parent and try to get a different answer. (This also falls under ‘Be respectful.’)

Last night Ethan-6yr came and asked me if he could have a bandaid. We try to avoid the common childhood psychological ailment of Bandaid Dependency, so I looked at the tiny cut before saying, "Sure." It was a borderline call, really. I took into account that he was up late and tired and it really did have a speck of blood if you looked closely.

He said, "Oh thank you," and started to leave to get the bandaid. Then he stopped, thinking hard while he turned around, and said, "Um…. it’s really important…. when you have a medical problem…. to get a…a… second opinion."

I was left, wondering WHAT he meant as he tore out of the room at top speed.  He was already in the bathroom cabinet when I realized what he’d done, and how he’d ‘sold’ me on it!


What a stinker.