Monday, July 17th 2006
Using My (Limited) Powers for GOOD

It’s the 17th! Every month here on the 17th, I’ll remind you to do one very important thing.

(Warning: Do not flinch and click away, men. This is for y’all too.)

Breast Self Exams! YEA! You should be doing those once a month. Are ya? If so, keep up with your own regularly scheduled regimen. Otherwise, join in. It’s important. And men? Your job is to send this to the women you know and love in order to remind them. (Or you could call them one by one and say, "Hi. Would you go do a breast self exam please? It’s important to me because YOU are important to me." Which one would you rather choose, guys? Yeah. Thought so.)


Each 17th, I’ll remind you, and ask that you then bravely leave a comment along the lines of: "Done!", "Did it!", "All clear!" etc. Or for the men, "Reminded one wonderful wife." If you don’t want everyone knowing it’s you for any reason, just comment using the Anonymous button.

So, you there…? Just get up and get it over with for the month. You know you mean to, but then forget, and then just don’t do it for whatever reason… go ahead. Let’s do the whole self exam thing together, (ew, that sounded wrong) and remember that early detection is really important in fighting breast cancer. So… go examine. Fight Breast Cancer. (Then comment only AFTER you did it. No good intentions here. The action is what counts here, not the thought, y’all.)

Need to remember HOW? Click here.

Need to remember WHY? Click here.

Boob Humor: What happens when Seth-8mth blows raspberries at the SAME TIME he’s nursing? I get a face FULL of splattered milk and a laughing baby who can’t WAIT to do it again! Oh,  the joy.

Now GO! (Then come back.)

Edited to Add: Hmm. Just type in ‘Anonymous’ if you’d like, or make up a pseudonym if you’d like to remain anonymous. I just realized I don’t have an Anonymous button. And Typepad comments might be down again. I tried to leave the first one, but it wouldn’t take it. So, here: "I did it!"

You’re next. If your comment won’t work, try leaving it later please!


29 Comments on “Using My (Limited) Powers for GOOD”

July 17th, 2006
3:30 pm

I did it. It’s your turn!

July 17th, 2006
3:57 pm

Not to be overly crude, but Mr. Right does mine for me. That way he is SURE to remember and I am SURE it gets done…

So, I did it too.

Who’s next?

July 17th, 2006
4:12 pm

Did it! This is actually the 1st time I’ve done one. I know, shame on me! the only one’s I’ve had done are the ones my Dr. does at my yearly pap. I had a Dr. once that would tell me at the end of each office visit, no matter if I was in their just for an ear infection or whatever “you need to remember to do your breast self exams, and tell your husband he needs to do his testicle self exams.” Neither of us do them, well, then again, he is a man, so his hands are always down there. Did I just type that? OOps!

July 17th, 2006
5:55 pm

I bounced over from an old post of Yellow Mama’s and thought I should say hi… oh and “I did it”… last night actually. Good idea. I’ll peek in often.

July 17th, 2006
6:12 pm

I not only do this regularly, I also try to slip a reminder about mammograms into an occasional post. I’m using your post to remind me to remind both my daughters. And hey Shalee, whatever works! :-)

July 17th, 2006
6:45 pm

Well, it has been 7 plus years for me…I think or maybe 6 years.

July 17th, 2006
7:47 pm

I do mine often…I actually had fibroids removed when I was 19 and they came back, so I just watch them to make sure that they aren’t getting bigger or multiplying :)
I can’t have them removed until i’m done nursing (been doing that for 4.5yrs–my chances of bcancer should be really decreased by now, right?).
Thanks for the reminder!

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer
July 17th, 2006
8:06 pm

Go Shalee!

Did mine–all clear.

July 17th, 2006
8:36 pm

Done. Thanks for bringing attention to this! I come from a long line of women in my family who have suffered and are suffering from breast cancer. It is so prevalent in my family that some of us are even part of research taking place. What a GREAT reminder!!

And remember, men can get breast cancer too!!

July 17th, 2006
8:56 pm

I didn’t know if I needed to do them because I am only 24, but my doc does them when I go to my yearly. She says I’m all clear, and at this point doesn’t mention that I need to do them??

July 17th, 2006
10:21 pm

Did mine last week!

Also, everyone needs to remember that not all breast cancer comes in the form of a lump. Inflammatory Breast Cancer, for the most part, does not form a lump and cannot be detected by a mammogram. If you don’t know about the symptoms for this, make sure to educate yourself, and the women you love, on this disease.

July 17th, 2006
10:57 pm

great information, nicki! i suggest y’all watch the video link on that site. (very much worth the few minutes it will take)

July 17th, 2006
11:05 pm

Done!! Thanks for the reminder.

By the way, your letter arrived today. Thanks again!

July 17th, 2006
11:07 pm

yea, Blaine! I was hoping a guy would show up here!

July 17th, 2006
11:20 pm

Everything is still there for now. No funny spots or weird feelings today. Thanks for the reminder!!

July 18th, 2006
12:29 am

Oh .. I remember those milk in the face days all too well!

July 18th, 2006
12:39 am

I did it, do it often. My best friend died 4 months ago from breast cancer which spread. I am becomming more of an advocate for it. Thanks for the reminder… and Shalee TMI

July 18th, 2006
1:45 am

Shalee, there was a lol behind this, Didnt want to leave it hanging

July 18th, 2006
10:13 am

Yes, Kristina, even at 24 you should be doing them. I found a lump and had a mammogram at 20. Turned out to be fibroid, but it was scary. Now, I try to remember to do them, but often forget. (My husband is more thorough than I am.)
Thanks, HolyMama, for the reminder. Wrong time of the month for me, but I did it anyway. (Can’t hurt.)

July 18th, 2006
10:35 am

Hey, thanks for the reminder. Checked out OK. *I think.* Not sure if pregnancy is doing milk-ducty things to my breasts. I’ll ask at my next doctor appointment later this week, though.


July 18th, 2006
2:42 pm

A regular thing with me! Thanks for the reminders though, that’ll really help!

July 18th, 2006
3:47 pm

Done. thanks for the reminder. A dear friend of mine is still getting checks every other month after treatment and surgery for breast cancer.

July 18th, 2006
4:05 pm

Im acctually OCD about Breast Exams. I have had four Mammograms (im 27) ( note to others if you stop ALL caffine, pop coffee tea chocolate, ALL of it, the pain of a mam is reduced about 90%, my last one, after no caffine it hurt less then laying flat ( boob smoush flat) on the floor)

I do a self exam ever shower and ever night when I lay in bed. I am complete ly paranoid about it for a few reasons. the first being cancer, my mom died of it ( lung not breast) and the second i wont be able to notice most physical changes in my breast due to the scars on them. also i have lumpy breasts, there is a real name for it, but I can never remember it, so I always have lumps. If they last more then two weeks I go in and get a biopsy of them ( my doc is really good about my boob nurosis) so far I have never had a bad biopsy( god willing I never will) but I keep a marker in my bedside drawer and draw out the sizre and location of my lumps to watch them better… hubby things my squggles and circles are funny, but he understand that it makes me feel better.

so yea my comment is as long as your post but i am soo all for SBE and I was super pleased to see you devote a whole post to it! thanks holymam!

July 18th, 2006
4:47 pm

errrrr…. this is a breeze if you’re entirely, eh, er, ….flat.
j/k i still check — it just doesn’t take me as long. :) thanks for the reminder

July 19th, 2006
10:20 pm

Did it!!

July 20th, 2006
9:51 am

I didn’t do it today, but I will do it after Aunt Flo visits. Promise.

July 20th, 2006
8:47 pm

I’m cheating, I am posting before I do it. I will do it momentarily though. You probably remember my scare recently. This is so serious. I really appreciate the IBC story. I didn’t know!!!!

July 21st, 2006
4:53 pm

did it. i hate my fibrous, tiny breasts though. they are so hard to examine. one of them is so lumpy (- and they are quite uneven now after having nursed jackson for 16 months. not good.) but hey – no lumps that i can find.

ok – sorry that was way too much information. lol

July 27th, 2006
1:57 am

Done! HM – you’re so cool…thanks for reminding us!!

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