Sunday, November 26th 2006
Shoes and the Mob

so…. on the depression thing:

i have bought five pairs of shoes in the last two days – four of them at one time online (at 2 a.m.) because it was ‘that kind of day’ and also because they were super on sale. also..? mike actually thinks that’s cute of me – my shoe shopping ‘In Bulk’ tendency. and YES, that directly and fully addresses the depression issue, men.

and on the Mafia thing…?

y’all really threw me for a loop. 20 comments and no one mentioned it at all?! does EVERYONE’S husband go hunting with Seriously Bad Dudes, and i’m just overreacting here? are you thinking you might get whacked if you acknowledge reading that part? (is that a correct usage of the word ‘whacked?’) did you think i was kidding…? i’m not. Y’ALL. he went out into the woods -voluntarily- with firearms AND with the mafia and THOUGHT NOTHIN’ OF IT. That’s baaaad, right? i’m really thinking so.

mike read that post and then said, "well. now i don’t know what to say when people start asking who it was."

I said, "that’s easy. you just say, ‘if i tell you, i’d have to kill you.’ "

hee hee.

what’s worse than going hunting with the mob? and not thinking a thing about it? and not telling your WIFE? how about taking your pastor and HIS KIDS, too?  yeah. he really, really did. he said that our pastor probably wouldn’t mind.

he might be right, actually, and if that’s so, i am completely confused by how men can just ‘compartmentalize’ to that degree of Total Crazy.

I’d NEVER knowingly shoe shop with… with… a female equivalent of a Seriously Bad Mafia Dude. Never. Not anywhere, no matter her impeccable footwear taste, her insider knowledge of the best stores, her  convenient and questionable ‘connections,’ not… well. Huh. Maybe I would. I totally get it now.

And that’s even worse.



19 Comments on “Shoes and the Mob”

November 27th, 2006
12:25 am

Honestly, I thought to address it, but I had no idea what to say. It was like the time I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot and discovered a dead duck in the parking space next to me. I knew it wasn’t cool or okay, but I just had no idea how to begin a conversation with the cashier that would lead into, “There’s a dead duck in your parking lot.”

November 27th, 2006
6:56 am

Ditto what Sandy said – except that I’ve never found a dead duck in a parking lot. I thought about commenting about the mafia thing, but what do you say about that? It’s hard to criticize a guy who makes sweet comments on his wife’s blog and thinks her shoe shopping is cute.

It is a little weird/scary, but I guess if he’s not doing mob crime-type things with him then what the heck, right?

Oh, and I like your analogy. It really would be hard not to go shoe shopping with someone like that. If there was someone who could show me a store with shoes that actually fit and made my feet look cute, I’d probably go shopping with her even if she was really bad. We gotta have priorities, right?

November 27th, 2006
8:07 am

I think at the time I thought he meant FORMER mafia crime boss. Now rereading it, apparently not. Now–I’m thinking he’s a pretty brave guy. Or maybe that he brought the pastor along as a body shield.

Laurel Wreath
November 27th, 2006
10:08 am

Bringing the pastor is a good thing. But you lost me on the shoe thing, I am still in total jealousy mode…

crickl's nest
November 27th, 2006
10:53 am

Ok, here is a perspective from someone who spent 10 years living just outside Philadelphia, in southern New Jersey. (umm, that’s me) The mafia really has no desire to control people who are not in the ‘mob’ unless you cross them or have a business that they want to extort or something like that. (or say if you are going to testify against them in court…heh) We had several acquaintances while living in NJ who had relatives or loose connections with the mafia. They seemed like regular people and the only weird thing I noticed is that one of them was very ‘Italian’ in manner and would grab you by the shoulders and kiss you on the cheek when greeting you. (well, not when greeting my husband THE PASTOR *LOL* but when greeting me.) There was no choice about it, you were grabbed and kissed…very strange experience for me and I could stil freak out about that to this day if I were to dwell on it.

After my first encounter of this kind (not the kissing, but the mob in general) a friend of mine with 2 cousins in the mafia assured me that if you are not mob related, they don’t bother you. She just laughed it off. I just kind of got used to it. It happened very rarely, but it was just an accepted part of living there……you’d just have to learn not to say things like ‘whack’….. ;’)

Hope that relieves your mind. I know it’s a weird feeling though! (been there!)

November 27th, 2006
3:47 pm

Great Blog! Just came across it at 5 min. for mom. Totally cute. Made me chuckle, out loud, several times!

November 27th, 2006
6:20 pm

Now that’s an offer to comment I can’t refuse!Sandy, you know it’s not the mob when the dead duck is at Walgreens and not in your bed. ;-) Any old-movie buffs remember Marlon Brando in “The Godfather”? Crikl’s, I grew up in NJ too, had a few “connected” relatives (by a former marriage) on Staten Island,NY, lived a year in Sinatra’s home town, Hoboken, NJ – and fwiw have never seen an episode of the Soprano’s.
Kelsey, so happy to see you in print again, hope the sun is shining in your soul, and hey, if nobody minds competition from another size 7 1/2, fill me in on the on-line shoe shopping stuff. Can’t wear 25% of my wardrobe because I haven’t been able to find black pumps with a 3″ heel without a severely pointy toe for nearly a year!
Thanks all.

November 28th, 2006
9:19 am

What I want to know is when we are going to see what shoes you are getting!!! Hmmmmmm??? You can write mob posts all day long, but if there is shoe-related content in it, that is ALL I will see. ;)

November 28th, 2006
11:03 am

I don’t really know what to say. I am Italian (both side of my family) and still don’t know what to say:) He must have felt safe. I guess someone has to be a testimony even to the mafia? Just not sure about this one

julie carobini
November 28th, 2006
11:08 am

Dead duck, elephant in the living room, yeah, kind of the same thing. Best to overlook…;-)

November 28th, 2006
9:38 pm

and the “Oh by the way, a hunting bud of mine is a crime boss” seems to me a Men are from Mars, we’re from Venus kind of thing. Men not only compartmentalize -while we have a diffuse awareness of everything all at once, their focus on any one thing at a time is extremely narrow. Consider how long a man can date a woman -knowing he’ll never marry her – because he enjoys some small -or large ;-) – aspect about her. Women, in my experience, stop dating a man (remember those days?) the second we recognize he’s not husband material. We just don’t focus in on some one thing we enjoy about him, ignoring his nasty table manners, stinginess or whatever else turns us off-we look at the whole picture. My guess- but ask Mike- is that the “Capo” is just good to hunt with- probably stealthy, clever and handles a gun pretty well, but not someone he’d do much else with. (‘Cuz I doubt they share-or even discuss-their values.) From the reading I’ve done since discovering HM, I surmise we have assembled here a group of wonderful women, finding our individual walks with the Lord, -in great shoes!-sharing common ideals. (And I am most pleased to have “met” y’all!)

November 28th, 2006
10:27 pm

Yeah, hi, I think the depression thing just kinda overwhelms the mafia thing. My gut reaction to the mafia thing? “Hey, cool, they know somebody famous.” Not any scarier than if I told you my husband has politicians in his family. My reaction to the taking the pastor thing? I figured it was on purpose, hoping the guy (SBD, not the pastor) would get saved. Obviously I live a sheltered life.

But not so sheltered that I haven’t wanted to comment on the depression thing. I still suffer some from time to time and it’s not post-partum, it’s post traumatic stress(ful child) syndrome.

Good thing I have a live-in(side me) Counselor.:)

November 29th, 2006
5:19 am

… and wise, funny, and strong! Great post Rebecca, I’ll carry that “live-in (side me)” counselor along forever to help me deal with the PTS(ful child -make that children!-I’m a schoolteacher)S! Thank you. :-)

November 29th, 2006
9:04 pm

(tapping fingers impatiently) and where are the pictures (and web addresses for) these wonderful shoes? Shopping for shoes in the middle of the night makes perfect sense to me–but then, I am a fellow depression sufferer, and also a fellow shoe-lover.
As for the Mafia thing….yeah that sounds perfectly reasonable to me, coming from a guy. Guys are like that. Hey so what if the guy is in the Mafia, if he has a great hunting lease and/or a great gun collection.
And yeah, if the woman knows where to get great shoes at terrific prices……I am soooo there

At A Hen's Pace
November 29th, 2006
10:54 pm

Being from Chicago, I have to weigh in on the mob thing. My husband has done a lot of business with the City of Chicago and with the Chicago unions…he once came home from a meeting and told me he’d never seen so many pinky rings in one room!

Another time, he and several other meeting attendees were “escorted” out different doors so they wouldn’t have a chance to talk after the meeting.

And once he actually got scared because his company had been bought out by the mob, and his friends from the unions kept calling him to see if he was okay. Only they would be calling from wierd places and warning him to be careful what he said over the phone. That was the company that seemed to do little business and care less about customer service…yet they kept their books under lock and key. He couldn’t wait to find a new job.

And…my girlfriend’s uncle was a driver for Al Capone.

I think your husband’s connections sound pretty limited and are probably fine to overlook!

November 29th, 2006
10:56 pm

Uh…the mafia thing? Well, I have an uncle who was in the mafia (do they retire?) so it didn’t freak me out too much, really. I mean, somebody has to hunt with those guys and be related to them and stuff. It’s like me being friends with a…I don’t know…a sinner or a shoe-a-holic or something.

Tell Mike to introduce that guy to Jesus while they’re out there killing His creation.

November 30th, 2006
10:47 pm

Hey…thanks for a wonderful time tonight…I like the diversity in artistic thinking…by the way, more power to the shoe shopping thing. I used to know a girl who would gorge herself on chocolate on a perpetual basis…I think shoes are much healthier and definately more stylish!

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December 1st, 2006
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December 2nd, 2006
10:38 am

That is one long bit of spam.

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