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Adventures with Mystery Houseguest

December 1st, 2006 at 10:47 pm » Comments (15)

i’ve been busy having a great time with a wonderful person. isn’t that better than, ‘i’ve been busy because i’ve been so depressed lately, and let’s talk some more about that, already?’

some of you already know my Mystery Houseguest, but others may not.

yesterday we were in the kitchen and i was doing dishes and Mystery Houseguest says, "I like you jeans. The embroidery on the back is asymetrical."

the back pockets had embroidery, although i didn’t know it was asymetrical until she pointed it out.

then she said, "Pardon the pun."

Do you get it? i didn’t. I’m just not that quick. I sat there, rinsed a dish, and then giggled. Assymetrical…. very funny, Mom.

And that was just the beginning. She’ll be here for a month, and trust me – that is NOT long enough.

Tonight we ended up trying to buy Crown whiskey at a liquor store so Mike could pay the Mob for the weekend’s hunting privileges, only to realize too late that state law prohibits such sales after 9 p.m. who knew?

Other adventures include driving on ice, learning to fuse glass, and of course – shopping. with and without children, and lots of it. 

We’re off. not to another liquor store, thank you very much – Mike can do his own dirty work from here on out. We’re off to ebay!