Wednesday, February 7th 2007
Table Talk

Ethan-6yr, regarding the shape of Caden-2yr’s grilled cheese sandwich: That is the exact elephant that is thirsty enough to drink the river of China dry. 

Caden-2yr (beaming, over the special quality of his sandwich): YEAH.

Then he proceeds to walk his special elephant sandwich  all over the table, while making elephant noises. (note: want one of these special sandwiches? take a small bite out of a grilled cheese triangle. voila.) Ethan-6yr and Seth-1yr join in the thirsty elephant chorus and BOY are they loud, and it becomes apparent that NO WAY is anyone eating that so-special elephant that is so thirsty it could drink the river of China dry.

No. I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. As usual.

Then we had a little what-is-a-penis and what-is-a-vagina talk, just to round off the night. Yaknow, because those things are important to talk about, and why not right then after the three thirsty elephant brothers stampede through the dining room? 


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February 7th, 2007
10:16 pm

Wow I am the first to comment here:))
After a long night I loved reading this, just the laugh I needed. How are things going for you? You’re not washing too much laundry are you??:)

February 7th, 2007
10:17 pm

Not St, Stephanie..sorry

Rocks in my Dryer
February 7th, 2007
10:25 pm

I’m just not even sure exactly how to comment on this one. Laughing too hard.

February 8th, 2007
1:30 pm

Man, I thank God that their little minds are so open. I never have a clue what goes on up there, but I sure wish I could listen in on their thoughts just for a day.

February 8th, 2007
2:42 pm

Sounds like good times over there.

February 8th, 2007
2:45 pm

The elephant sandwich…..hahahaha……

February 8th, 2007
5:41 pm

Here’s a funny thing Trinity said that’s about a similar topic of what boys and girls have, hehe.
Kids are so silly!

February 8th, 2007
10:42 pm

Too funny! We just had the penis talk the night before last. Josh wanted to know how we would know if Mommy was having a girl in the ultrasound. He said something like “Her girl penis.” I wasn’t sure what to say at that point :-)

The Joys of Boys!!

February 9th, 2007
5:27 pm


Michelle in MX
February 10th, 2007
5:55 pm

I’m actually an eager participant in vagina and penis talks in our home. Mostly because I was APAULED when my hubby proudly showed me that our 1 year old could point out his penis on demand, but ask where his ears or eyes where and he was lost . . . THIS HAD TO BE CORRECTED, so with a chatty 3 year old and our 1 year old we take the opportunity to differentiate boys vs girls and explain that all – ALL our parts where made by God with purpose that is good. But we do speak to her of her vulva . . . it’s more accurate, really.

Queen-size funny bone
February 17th, 2007
5:52 am

It made me smile and laugh and long for my girls to be small again. Those days are the fun ones.

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