Friday, April 20th 2007
Yea for all the Club 17 Grown-ups!

And we have a winner!  (not a prize – yet – but I’m working on it!)  I’ve been out of town, and just got back and after extra-careful-totally-unscientific-but-wholly-fair number picking…..   Grim Reality Girl gets the Grownup Award!  Yea!!

Even my real life friend Jerri’s numerous (innocent) comments did not tamper with the winner selection process.

And a small yea to me for using the word ‘wholly.’

(and leanne? HA! that purse shall never volunteer for prize duty!)


2 Comments on “Yea for all the Club 17 Grown-ups!”

April 21st, 2007
2:53 pm

Awww. I thought my suggestion was a quite good one! Oh well, can’t blame a gal for trying! ;o)

Grim Reality Girl
April 23rd, 2007
6:48 pm

I’d like to thank God, and my parents. Thanks go to my kids and hubby as well — it is for them that I bother. And especially HolyMama! Thanks for reminding all of us to check the girls. Early detection is the key!

As for the purse — that would be a GREAT prize ;-)

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