Wednesday, July 11th 2007
Catching Up

My mom left this morning. I suppose that means I might be blogging more now, doing more of my own laundry, and probably shopping and laughing a little less. (oooh, that was very woe-is-me, huh?)

So what did I NOT write?

One kid ate a penny.

One kid broke his nose and had to have it ‘set.’

One kid got an awful haircut so bad that people didn’t recognize him.

One kid forgot how to sleep.

One kid is perfecting his swimming pool trick repertoire.

The dog had a tumor removed and is wearing a big protective lampshade on his head.

My mom turned into Exercise Queen.

One kid is taller than I am now.

One kid is spending lots of time on the phone with a friend.

Mike had an awful health related incident, and is fine. Better than ever, actually, having cleaned up his eating since then. (I"m so proud)

And just yesterday I got a haircut that is way cooler than I am.  Don’t worry. I’ll frump it up and make it all mom-ish really quick, I’m sure.

What’s new with you guys?



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HolySister aka LaLa
July 11th, 2007
2:12 pm

I want to see that haircut!! It sounds like you had an amazing visit. I was just writing about how excited I am that Mom’s coming up here for a while, and then I thought about how you must be feeling. I’ll make sure she calls as soon as we’re home. Big hug. And small delicate pats for the neef with the recovering nose.

July 11th, 2007
2:13 pm

That is way too much for one blog! I can’t believe all that stuff happened to you. Hope things are starting to calm down. Here’s what I want to know…

Which kid ate the penny and did it come out fine?

Which kid is taller than his Mama?

Do we get to see a picture of the new hair cut??

July 11th, 2007
4:36 pm

wow. i’ve missed you, and then all this at once! glad to hear mike is doing ok, i hope he’ll continue to get better (?) — i don’t even know if that makes sense in the context of his actual health woes.

and i second the motion for a picture of the new haircut!

July 11th, 2007
5:10 pm

Oh I want to see the hair cut. How cool is it? I hope that you had a good visit it sounds like it was just full of excitment.

Desert Diva (Julie)
July 11th, 2007
5:46 pm

Oooh, I got a haircut too. I’m feeling very stylin’ after having hair issues for several months due to the whole growing out process. You can see it on my blog.

Monkey Giggles
July 11th, 2007
10:08 pm

welcome back…we missed ya. so let’s see that cool haircut!!!

July 12th, 2007
9:47 am

“One kid is taller than I am now.” – My biggest fear. But, being 5’3″, I guess it is inevitible. Actually, my 3 year old is catching up to me fast.

July 12th, 2007
1:43 pm

Kids are still gone.

We’re still acting like we’re on our honeymoon.

We’re getting ready for our anniversary trip.

I’m looking at my tummy and realizing that I’m finding all the weight that people are loosing. (It sucks.)

I read a great book (or twelve).

I’ve been debating the whole haircut thing. Still debating.

I’ve been waiting to see you blog again.

I get to check something off the list…

July 12th, 2007
7:38 pm

Well, I guess thats why its been so long!
I had a child break his nose and I called my ped and he just laughed and laughed and said not to bother bringing him in unless he has trouble breathing through his nose. (he got flung off a tire swing that was twisted up tight to really spin fast, the doc just thought that was hysterical, the doc was a biker dude, though)
He’s just got a bit of a turn to his nose. I am very glad it wasn’t so bad that we had to take him in or too crooked. It would be awful to have it set.

Grim Reality Girl
July 12th, 2007
9:10 pm

Holy cats woman! You have had a busy time. Pictures of the haircut are needed. I’m so glad you had this time with your mom!

July 13th, 2007
9:03 am

Oh my goodness! “One kid is taller than me now” It has been too long since you last blogged!!!!

What a visit your mom had!

I hope you captured this time in photo…it must make for an interesting family photo! Broken noses, lamp shades, exercising Queen!!!! Well…..the life you live!

Yes, life does change, but I am so glad that your sense of humor remains!



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