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Pining for Long-Lost, Local Food Artists

September 4th, 2007 at 2:02 pm » Comments (2)

I love my town. i really do. It’s smaller than where I’m from, but not too small. Except this week. 

This week, I’m really, really wishing this town had one particular store. Nope, not a Nordstrom. (that’s number 2 on the list)

I really wish we had one of those stores that creates big huge decorative arrangements out of fruit.  We USED to have one of those stores – it was FANTASTIC the last time I gave a baby shower. And I’m doing that again on Saturday, but with no giant fruit thingies.  People oohed and ahhed over the big decorative edible things, then ATE them up, literally, and they were gone. Perfect for cleanup purposes.

I know. Some of you are such amazing do-it-yourselfers that you wonder why i’m not just cutting up a watermelon into the shape of a basket and filling with an array of melon balls. Those are really cute, but that requires some fine motor skills I don’t think I possess,  time I know i don’t possess, and the real kicker is I HATE fruit. The smell. The taste.  The stickiness gives me the icks. 

So. Baby Shower sans the fruit sculptures.  Any other ideas?  A friend and I make a mean diaper cake.

(does that sound disgusting? then you’re being too literal, just click the link.)

Suggestions welcome!

If any of you are here, having found me through ParentLife magazine, would you let me know please? I’m not sure when to expect you guys.