Monday, November 26th 2007
Club 17 Winner!

Please go say hi to Candice! She’s the lucky winner this month for doing her BSE! Yea, Candice!

I couldn’t find any biscochitos (and didn’t realize that Mike had tried 6 grocery stores already in his quest to get them for me), so it will have to be a prize without cinnamon-y goodness. It will, of course, have tons of non cinnamon-y goodness.

In response to a few comments on the Club 17 post:

Grim Reality GIrl, will you keep us updated on your best friend?

Tinkerkaye, a crown surely awaits.

Everyone stop just a minute and clap your hands 5 times please. Thank you. Merci, that round of applause was all for you, girl!

, I did know someone once who that happened to. She swore off underwire forever, if I remember correctly. And she said it was AWFUL.

Millicent, it TOTALLY counts!

Don’t forget that if you want a cute lady for your blog sidebar (that Julie at Desert Diva created) you can get it here!

In response to all the comments on the ‘soooo not festive’ post, thank you. No knives were present at the table, as all turkey arrived ‘magically’ in perfect, bite sized pieces. It didn’t go well, but it could have been much worse.


2 Comments on “Club 17 Winner!”

Grim Reality Girl
November 27th, 2007
4:19 am

Kelsey — thank you for caring!!! Surgery is Thursday to remove the mass. Prayers are more than appreciated!!!! Get your mammograms girls! Early detection is the key!!!

Irina Simpkins
December 20th, 2007
1:31 am

Help me please. I’m a desperate mom. I read your article about the problems you had with your adopted daughter. I am having the same with my child. I’m a single Mom with an out of control, 8 year old, angry child who deep inside blames me for divorcing my x, who wants no part in her life and shows up once a week for 4 hours like a knight in shinning white armor. My daughter has no heart, and the only emotions she shows are anger and violence. She is only happy when she’s in total control. I don’t know where to turn for help. The local shrinks are useless and have provided no support. Can you please suggest to me where I might turn for help and support?

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