Friday, December 7th 2007
Soon There will be Pig Snort Laughing

It’s true! Mom will be here in a few days, and then soon after LaLa arrives for a week. And when the three of us are in the same room, or house, or state… the lovely music of pig snorting laughter fills the air. To be fair, Mom almost never Pig Snort Laughs. Does she, LaLa? I can’t remember. Has she ever…?

LaLa and I, though, well, laughing pigs don’t have anything on us. One of us will do something. Say something. It doesn’t have to be funny, or stupid, or smart, or interesting, and the other one will start laughing. Not PSL (Pig Snort Laughing), just regular laughing. Then the other one of us will start. Then one of us will start sucking in air in big squeaks, which inevitably sets the other one off. Tears start streaming down our faces while we squeak and then succomb to full blown PSL. Each pig snort has the added effect of making this entire hysterical cycle worsen. The sister who has most recently pig snorted gains a silent pointing finger from the other sister, and increased PSLing from both. Then it’s the other sister’s turn to PSL and earn the finger point.

The pointing finger is fantastically unneccessary, of course, since it’s only purpose is to say “You Pig Snorted! I heard you!” and hello? It’s a Pig Snort in a Pig Snort Laughing session, and NO ONE in the nearest three zip codes needs help from a silent finger point to identify the Pig Snorter. It’s impossible to properly Pig Snort and actually NEED to be further identified with a silent finger point, but it’s just fun. Occasionally one or both of us end up doubled over on the floor, stomach aching from all the PSL and gasping for oxygen since it is SO hard to breathe when PSLing.

I don’t think we do this with other people. Maybe occasionally one Pig Snort will slip out (so! embarrassing!), but not the full blown collapse-into-hysteria-and-alarm-the-small-children variety. OoooH! can’t wait!

But I do think about a Christmas say, twenty years from now when Ethan-27yr looks at Caden-23yr and Seth-22yr and says, “Remember when Aunt LaLa would visit and she and Mom would stand in the kitchen and laugh about nothing and snort like… like… pigs until they fell on the floor and pointed at each other and cried? What was WRONG with them?”

Yep. Building quite a legacy here.

And if you’re wondering what in the world our mother does while we’re falling all over the place, here is my guess. It’s just a guess, since when PSLing, I can’t see or breather or even wonder what my mother might be doing. I’d say she is standing by, laughing in a non-swine way and swelling with pride at the sight of two classy ladies she raised.

And calming down the animals and small children we’re scaring.


11 Comments on “Soon There will be Pig Snort Laughing”

December 7th, 2007
2:54 pm

I worked up to the giggling, tears-streaming, squeaking part but since we’re not in the same room yet, I didn’t quite manage the full Pig Snort. It’s hilarious to picture J-Mom’s eye-rolling reaction (like you, I always miss that) and the legacy we’re leaving – sort of reminds me of looking back at our own childhood Christmases and realizing that one of the cousins laughs like a seal. We’re FAR more likeable than that cousin though, and who knows, maybe in the coming years we’ll train the boys to join in the PSL!

December 7th, 2007
3:44 pm

You are just the funniest…ooops…I am PSLing!

December 8th, 2007
1:49 am

Aw, see now I’m all jealous of you ’cause you have a sister to PSL with. (big sigh)

Okay, now that I’ve got the pity party out of my system…I truly hope you have an absolutely wonderful time packed full of the most hysterically obnoxious PSLing that has ever been. You totally deserve it.

kelli in the mirror
December 8th, 2007
4:35 am

I don’t generally PSL, but I did while laughing at this post, just to see what it sounded like, and I got hysterical with nobody else in the room. I’m blaming you if anybody walks in and hears me PSL-ing like a freak. :)

December 8th, 2007
7:15 pm

this was a great entry; gave me the warm fuzzies thinking of great times i’ve had with my sisters and mom. and times it degenerates into PSL are just the best. :)

December 11th, 2007
3:20 pm

How interesting! One more fact about you that I never knew :o )

My Mom snorts when she laughs but it’s not a full blown PSLing session.

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