Monday, January 7th 2008
So the Family Left…

okay, i KNOW it’s been too long since i posted because when i tried to log on and write something…? i couldn’t remember my password. obviously, i finally figured it out, but there were several long moments of panic.

i had good intentions about blogging lots while j-mom and lala were visiting. i wanted to share them with you. really! but then when it came down to it, i just selfishly pig snorted alone, hogging the fantastical family-ness and barely turning on the computer at all this last month. did you email? i didn’t answer – did you notice? shameless!

i think remembering my password was the height of my bloggity brilliance for the night.

how utterly pathetic.


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January 7th, 2008
3:43 pm

We had grand ambitions, didn’t we? The fun family-ness was too absorbing!

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