Tuesday, February 12th 2008
I NEEDED a HBofH today!

Typing fast in order to outsmart my moody computer…

it keeps freezing up. I was writing a scene, it was all going very well, and then it started. freezing. for a few MINUTES. every other paragraph or so. unbelievably frustrating. writing is usualy relaxing. especially when it is going well. but this was torture.

it’s a fairly new computer. it’s in good shape considering Seth-2yr went through a long phase of eating off the keys. (Yes. This IS one of the kids who generally will not eat things that I cook, and yes he actually DOES eat keyboard components.) The keyboard has lots of holes in it, but I don’t mind. i like to think of it as a bonus tactile experience.

i won a Box of Happiness! DId you even know one was available? (Actually Seasonal Learner calls it a Haphazard Box of Happiness. ‘HBofH’ –Even MORE mysterious!) And oh my goodness, why in the world has no one besides thought of this?! Love it!

This crazy-short post has no FLOW. That is because the computer has frozen six times, one little boy has refused to nap (or flush the toilet), and the other little boy just tiptoed out of his room and is looking for trouble.

If I had more time I would tell you the most amazing story though, about how if you send out truffles through the mail you will mysteriously receive a new and unique shipment of unexpected truffles. LOVELY surprise. Another HBofH, actually.

More later. The littlest one just found the trouble he was looking for.


2 Comments on “I NEEDED a HBofH today!”

February 12th, 2008
10:06 pm

I don’t believe your truffles story. I think you should send me a box and see if you get another one…

Seasonal Learner
February 13th, 2008
3:51 am

I am so glad that you needed a box of Happiness. I e-mailed you for you address and I’ll try to send it this weekend:) It will have some Haphazard things thrown together, but happy things!

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