Thursday, March 27th 2008
signs of spring

the tulips outside bloom in pink and white. 

yesterday a ladybug crawled her way across the windshield, when i stopped at an intersection. she was the first I’ve seen this year, and I told her so.  

birds are tweeting outside. yes. tweeting. they’re happy about the dog food in Duke’s bowl and the birdseed in the feeder and the 85 degree weather. 

little boys are wearing shorts in last year’s size, showing off how much their little legs have grown. 

and i am experiencing a renewed interest in colorful sandals, and the purchase thereof. (preferably, in bulk)


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March 28th, 2008
12:48 pm

Ummm….where do you live, I think I’ll pack up my stuff and head your way!! As I looked out our window last night it seemed like Christmas Eve or something of that sort. The “snow”, yes I said snow, was pretty and calming but oh so UGLY BECAUSE WINER HAS BEEN HERE WAAAAY TOO LONG!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong Michigan is a pretty state but I really am not this fond of winter and cold blowing snowy weather. I need spring, now!!! I’ll dream fo the 85 degrees for now:))

Miss Sniz
March 29th, 2008
5:20 am

We are still a long way from 85 around here. We’re lucky to get to 50. I’m trying not to be jealous!

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