Monday, March 31st 2008
Snippets of the Last Few Days

Much sneezing.  Then, after a few days, noticing the purple and yellow Weed Bouquet the kids had picked for me, blooming in its glass of water.  (I waited until they went to bed and sloshed the whole thing down the disposal.) No more sneezing.  Also?  I need to weed.

Seth-2yr and Caden-4yr sat in their car seats while I ran into the house to grab a water bottle. When I got back, the radio (dangerously left on the 80s station) was just beginning to play Funky Cold Medina, a la the totally un-kid friendly and unacceptable Tone Loc.  Yelling, “NoooOOOOooo!” I dove across the front seat to punch a button that would make him STOP already.  That song would start some conversations that really just don’t need to be had. Then, just two hours later I turned the tv on and there was a cartoon video on a kids’ channel by the now somewhat kid friendly Tone Loc.  I saw the words “Tone Loc” in the corner of my tv screen and hit a button on the remote, though, a little trigger happy after my recent dive across the frontseat.  

Anyway.  The three boys are outside with new sidewalk chalk and popsicles. So glad for spring.   

This morning at Target, Seth-2yr did NOT want to get out of his car seat and into the waiting shopping basket.  I tried everything, but he had his arms crossed and I was hoping to avoid prying them open and freeing him from his seatbelt by force.  Our success at Target would be far more likely if I could just ’talk’ him out of that seat.  I  tried it all.  Then, just as I was readying for a full on physical Remove The Child scenario, a mother pulled up nearby and placed a compliant little blond girl in a shopping basket.  “Ooh. Seth-2yr.  If we hurry, you’ll be able to catch up to that sweet little girl and wave hello.”  Seth-2yr, Ethan-7yr, and Caden-4yr LOVE girls.  I don’t usually exploit this for my own shopping purposes.  Today was special like that, though. Seth-2yr practically put himself into that shopping basket and patted my hand to hurry me up.  When we got close, he started calling out “Hi!  Hi, GIRL!”  And then he held up 2 fingers and called – across the Target parking lot – “I am TWO!”    She didn’t seem to notice his existence, but he didn’t notice.  Score one for Mom.  Target was a breeze after that. 

Whatever happened to Connie the Cow?  I loved her. So artistic for a cow. 

After the Most Successful Trip to Target, Thanks to a Cute Blond, I ran into someone I thought I knew.  That’s a hard scenario for me, because I don’t recognize people very well.  I tend to think strangers are people I know and hug them and talk to them, and then completely not understand why people i THINK are strangers are talking to me like they’ve known me all their lives.  Anyway.  Man in Target parking lot seems familiar.  He says hello and seems to think he knows me, too.  This happens here a lot.  It’s West Texas. Friendly folk abound.  So he asks about my sons.  Plural.  I only have the one with me.  Hmm. Clearly another person I should be recognizing and am not.  I hate that feeling.  I small talk with him (oooh, i HATE to small talk) until I BRILLIANTLY notice that he is standing in front of a repair vehicle bearing a very familiar name.  It’s the same repair company that came out more than 8 times in the last 12 months to repair my Frigidaire Lemon Refrigerator.  No wonder he knew me.  We were like family, he and I.  I spent more hours with him than I did with certain friends and family members.   Eventually his company gave up on our refrigerator – which had turned into a side by side, stainless steel Freezer/Freezer.  Frigidaire finally paid up on the warranty and we replaced it with another brand.  The Frigidaire side be side, stainless steel Lemon Freezer/Freezer is in the garage, dependably freezing solid everything we put in it.  

I caught up with the repairman I hope to never have to call again. 

(He’s fine, by the way.) 



3 Comments on “Snippets of the Last Few Days”

April 1st, 2008
3:15 pm

I can’t wait until I can send the kids out with popsicles… no chalk though since we’ve got the house on the market. Bummer.

And motherhood is definitely underated. That was a smart move to get Seth to thinking that he came up with the idea all by himself. His future wife will thank you one day!

April 1st, 2008
4:11 pm

Maybe I could learn some flirting moves from Seth. It’s a good opening line: “I am TWO!” I might go for a less specific age reference though…


[...] What I do NOT like very much, or at all, is Caden-4yr’s new social framework. By ’new’ I mean, 2 hours old.  Surely it’s still malleable. I picked him up from Pee Tool (how he pronounces PreSchool) and a cute little girl ran out to give him a firm hug goodbye.  He blushed.  The teacher said they are now ‘quite the item.’ I’m hardly surprised or disturbed by this.  It runs in the family.  [...]

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