Sunday, March 23rd 2008

Yea for Stacey at Purling Dervish!  (LOVE that name) 

Honorable mention to Seasonal Learner who did her very first BSE and lived to comment about it. YEA!  (of COURSE there can be Honorable Mentions. Making this up as we go along, y’all.)   

And while I’m clarifying, let it be known that of course you can win over and over again. The whole point is that you do these BSE’s and keep doing them, so repeated wins work for me.

The following will make sense in a minute. Really.

LaLa and I were the only kids in our family.  Everyone in our family called us simply, “The Girls.”  Our names, it seemed to us,  were often not uttered for long periods of time. “The Girls” sufficed.  Well, for everyone else’s purposes – for our part, it drove us completely nuts.  We were individuals, and everyone lumping us together like that just ignored that fact. Or so it seemed to us. One time I remember LaLa protesting this oversight and someone (sorry J-Mom, but I think it was you) saying, “Well, what SHOULD we call you?”   In her LaLa way, she probably said, “WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE, THE NORMAN LUBOFF CHOIR?“  Or more likely, “OUR NAMES!” 

In any case.  I have a personal lifelong aversion to the phrase “The Girls” which apparently, none of you share.  For ages I’ve been somewhat surprised at just how many of you affectionately refer to your breasts as “The Girls.”  Perhaps I’m not big on personification in general.  Also, I have no problem admitting I do not have pet names or occasional endearments for any of my body parts. The only exception to this is during times of pregnancy when the baby bump deserved names. (But that’s hardly the same because it was a baaaaaby.)  

I am ALL for whatever works for you guys, but it certainly has made me laugh. Forever. Since every single comment section of each Club 17 post has this theme, and it’s apparently a code you ALL speak which I gladly forego.  And Shalee even calls hers “Irish Lassies” on St. Patrick’s!  WOW.   


Y’all are funny. 

So. Don’t get me wrong. You call them whatever you want, as long as you BSE each month. It won’t bother me at all.  It’ll completely crack me up, and just make me feel all the more justified that LaLa and I protested ever being referred to as The Girls.  

(If you’re wondering, of COURSE I call my 3 boys The Boys. All the time. None of them seems to mind, or take it as an offense against his individuality.)


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March 23rd, 2008
11:25 pm

Yup. Totally glad we never succumbed to ‘The Girls’ given their current popularity as an alias for boobs.

March 24th, 2008
7:59 am

I guess it could have been worse – we could have referred to you as “you guys.” It was so refreshing to see that you say “the boys” as an affectionate shorthand way of referring to Ethan, Caden and Seth. I hope you don’t mind if sometimes I still think of you as “my girls”.
Love, J-mom

March 24th, 2008
2:03 pm

Gotta say that, for me, referring to anatomical items as “the girls” has always been slightly horrifying. As does the phrase, “the twins.” I mean, Yikes! But to hear tv personalities so those phrases (think Stacy and Clinton) is funny in the embarrassing kind of way! But, it’s way better than “boobies/boobs,” etc. Especially when one’s sons think it’s the height of comic genius to utter the phrases over and over again . . .

March 24th, 2008
9:13 pm

So were they really calling you both “Boobs” way back then? Hmmm… Never had a name for them before you started the whole SBE thing. So really, it’s all your fault. (And since I’m Irish, I think I can call them “lassies” all the time!)

Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod
March 25th, 2008
6:56 pm

I do the same thing with my boys (3and 1 1/2) I’m sure they will protest this as they get older. They are so close in age that I end up treating almost like twins. This too shall pass!

March 25th, 2008
11:44 pm

That’s too funny. I never really thought about it before. My sister and I were always called the girls, too. It was just the two of us and everyone always just expected us to be together. I call my three boys The Boys, too. I guess I should take more time to stop and call them their names so they don’t get upset.

March 26th, 2008
3:11 am

I call them the girls. I don’t know why, it started long ago. It seemed better than saying “my boobs.” Maybe not….

March 27th, 2008
12:07 am

Thanks for the honorable mention! I am excited:) The reason I did it was: 1. Your site reminded me and 2. I have a friend my age that just had a baby and had to have a mastectomy when her baby was 6 months old. Very scary.

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