Wednesday, June 11th 2008
Ethan-8yr, Sniffing out Misdeeds

This morning the boys and I piled into the car, and Ethan-8yr immediately made a face and said, “Yuck! What’s that smell?” 

I don’t have much of a sense of smell, and didn’t know what he was talking about. But i DO have a phobia of gross, forgotten sippy cups lingering under car seats.  I asked Ethan-8yr to look for an old cup. 

He diligently searched the car, and then said, “Oh!  Yep. I see it.”

“A sippy cup?”

“No.  Just an old beer of Dad’s.”


Um.   Last I checked, Mike didn’t drink.  Last I heard, he wasn’t really big on drinking and driving, either. 

“Uh? Ethan-8yr?  Could you hand it to me please?”

“Sure.  Gross.”  He hands me an unopened can of Mr. Pibb and makes a face.

“Uh…that’s Dad’s, but it’s not beer.  I think it’s kinda like Dr. Pepper.   The wrong drink came out of a coke maching the other day.”

“Oh!  Like Dr. Pepper?!  CAN I HAVE IT, pleeeeeaAse?”

“No. And what was smelling so bad?”

“Oh, probably just Seth-2yr.” 

In all fairness, sweet little  Seth-2yr did not smell bad (at that particular moment).  If that conversation had lasted even a few moments longer, I’m sure Caden-4yr and I would have been unintentionally maligned as well.


4 Comments on “Ethan-8yr, Sniffing out Misdeeds”

June 11th, 2008
7:41 pm

I have a daughter who likes to point out all the things her brothers do wrong and THEN she happily mentions that she’s not doing ANY of those things!

June 11th, 2008
8:54 pm

Ha ha ha ha! Poor Seth, he may as well get used to being the reason for everything…

June 13th, 2008
12:51 am

Well, I actually asked my three year old to sniff her brother’s bottom the other day to see if he had a dirty diaper. She immediately obeyed, and of course, he was dirty. Later I thought, “Do I really want to teach my child to sniff bottoms?” Oh well, a mom has to do what a mom has to do.

July 19th, 2008
3:58 am

Ha – I’m not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I agree – I have a fear of old forgotten sippy cups with days old MILK in them!! That’s where I draw the line.

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