Sunday, August 17th 2008
club 17, August Olympic Style

So the kids HAVE been inspired and affected with Olympic spirit after all. That’s nice. In theory it’s nice. But actually it means we have to constantly remind them that they may NOT dive in the bathtub in any way. Caden-4yr tries to hold swimming events in the tub, and it results in all the water on the floor. Not to mention the crazy laughter, but I don’t mind that part.

Seth-2yr decided to award Charlo (the cat) an Olympic gold medal. I wish he had held a ceremony, played the Star SPangled Anthem and called all of us to see. Instead, he slipped the medal around the long haired fluffy cat, and it instantly disappeared in dense fur. We didn’t know to get it off him for days. No one has ever been so pleased to be stripped of his gold medal as Charlo was. We still do not know the athletic feat he performed in order to inspire such recognition.

Ethan-8yr has been flexing muscles.

Once a month I write a post like this, encouraging y’all to do a self breast exam.  When you do, you’re eligible for a prize that usually takes me awhile to put in the mail (but I always do) and then voila.  You are health conscious and sometimes awarded prizes for your efforts.  It’s a good deal.  

So do your self breast exam.  Don’t know how? Click here.   Don’t know why? CLick here.  Want to know why this matters to me or how to get a button with a cutie in a crown, like in my sidebar?  Click here.  Then come back, leave a comment on THIS post saying you did, and in a few days I”ll announce a winner.

So the prize…. if you don’t have a copy of my book and you want one, that can be your prize. Or…. it can be a surprise. I’m always buying things that will make cute Club 17 prizes, but they’re all the way in my closet and I’m all the way in here…. so let’s just call them surprises.



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August 17th, 2008
7:17 pm

Thanks for the reminder Kelsey. My best friend from high school has fought this battle twice now so I don’t every want to forget. blessings, marlene

August 17th, 2008
11:19 pm

I’m good! FYI, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago this month. It’s been a long haul, but so far she’s still cancer free. She’s visiting next weekend and I’ve told her all about you. She thinks the “Martha Stewart thing” is funny, too. :) She asked me to thank you for sending these monthly reminders. It’s so important to do a monthly BSE!

August 17th, 2008
11:49 pm

Engorged? Yes. Sore? Yes. Squirting milk everywhere? Yes.

But lumpy? No.

August 18th, 2008
11:16 pm

My BSE was done by the doc this month. A follow up to a suspicious thingy a few months back. Even had an ultrasound. All clear! She says we’ll watch the thingy for a few more months. We have a huge breast cancer history in our family at very young ages, including the men. So, thanks for the regular reminder!! You do a great service to people everywhere! Its great!!!

August 19th, 2008
10:57 pm

Done. ;)

August 20th, 2008
12:17 am

Did mine! And I received your book!! Can’t wait to get started reading. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

August 20th, 2008
5:51 am

Hey, I want to read your book! How can I get a copy if I don’t win?

BSE done. And now thanks to a brush with melanoma, I get to do a SSE each month too. (Skin Self-Exam) Oh boy!

August 20th, 2008
2:34 pm

We’re good over here! Could stand to lose some weight, but hey, those lumps are in different places!

August 20th, 2008
5:46 pm

You’ll be happy to know that I took time out of my Lost watching schedule to decide that I have no lumps. Thanks for the wonderful reminder again!

Cynthia A
August 20th, 2008
6:31 pm

Thank you for your reminder. BSE’s are something that I just never seem to remember, then I just end up with the Dr’s annual exam and mammogram.

Well, I DID IT! Perhaps with your help I will remember every month now – Thank you very much :)

August 20th, 2008
7:07 pm

Kelsey, I just left you a review on Amazon! I loved you book!

August 21st, 2008
7:51 pm

I happily groped myself in the name of health and while doing so came up with this little poem.

O, my boobs, so soft and squishy
Why must you hang so low?
Nipples were meant to point straight out
Not directly towards my big toe!

Allow me 3 minutes to fondle you
For on this very special day
I’m appreciating your presence in my life
And trying to keep it that way

Searching and searching and hoping to God
That you’ll be smooth and “scary bump” free
Oh no! What is that?! A great big lump?
False alarm! It’s just a cheezee …

Poking and prodding, I’m sorry girls
I promise I’m almost done
And I’m ever so happy to report today
No bumps! Not even one!

So continue to fall towards my feet
If that is what you must do – I won’t fret
Cause you’re here and you’re healthy and
My ladies, I love you – I’ll take what I can get!

August 21st, 2008
10:22 pm

Oh Kelsey, you’re just funny! i love what you wrote in my book!! (LAH REN) – but you wrote it all grammatically correct and mine isn’t. i’m starting your book as soon as i finish this james patterson that les is obsessed with, so SOON!

anyways, just been catching up on your blog and laughing so i thought i’d let you know! Funny!

ps. did a SBE!! (that’s a new thing for me!)

August 24th, 2008
2:37 am

Done — as always, thanks for the reminder!

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