Thursday, August 7th 2008
Seth-2yr Decides to Talk

Seth-2yr is the strong, silent type. As my mom put it earlier, “His style of leadership has his brothers following and behaving in ways he wants them to, without them ever knowing…” And it’s true. He can start activities, or trouble, or projects, and get everyone else in the room in on the action without ever saying a word.

The kid has a quiet, powerful charisma. It’s not something you often see in a two year old, but there it is.

Until now, he hasn’t spoken much. We knew he could if he wanted to. He just didn’t have a need for language.

And now, it seems, he has decided to talk. And talk. And talk some serious smack.

He started calling Caden-4yr ‘The Baby.’ I affectionately call all my kids, “Baby” and it isn’t derogatory even when Seth-2yr says it. He likes to remind us that he is the baby, also. But when you call your OLDER brother The Baby, it creates desired drama.

Seth-2yr will stand in the middle of the room, and look around. Then, pretending not to see Caden-4yr, he’ll say, “Where is The Baby?”

Caden-4yr shrieks and freaks and tells Seth-2yr where he is and asks me if I heard what Seth-2yr called him.

Seth-2yr turns to me, raises an eyebrow and gives me a look that says, “wow! that was fun!”

And then I remind Caden-4yr about not reacting, and then I realize that Seth-2yr has been doing the exact same thing to me. What a sweet little stinker he is.

And I’ve been reacting, and reinforcing the Smack Talking Seth-2yr to keep it up. Which he has.

With a questioning look in his eye, he’ll ask if there is a baby ‘in there.’ He points at my stomach.

And I.

His timing happens to coincide with a recent, very brief, lull in my usually frantic workout schedule. I start to wonder if my stomach looks different. Then I talk myself out of it. I assure and reassure Seth-2yr – and myself – that there is no baby (and silently tell myself that my stomach is fiiiine.)

There is certainly no baby. Seth-2yr is it. No more. 4 is all we’re up for.

Especially when the little one give me that look that says, “wow! that was fun!”


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August 7th, 2008
9:53 pm

oh boy. i’m sure your stomach looks fine (wait, does it not feel fine? like morning sick? is that what you meant?) — seth is probably just ready to rule the roost. ;)

August 9th, 2008
3:44 am

My youngest, now four, has the exact same effect on his brother and sister. Somewhere along the way he’s learned how to push both their buttons.

He once caused a major argument over an imaginary blue balloon. An imaginary blue balloon. Amazing.

August 11th, 2008
4:50 am

So -not- looking foreward to the sibling rivalry
this week was eventful enough..

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