Saturday, November 15th 2008
Unconventional, Un-Birthday Wishes

Mike’s birthday is soon.  For a long complicated reason I won’t go into, I thought it was today.  I know WHEN his birthday is, but I thought that particular date was today’s date.  It’s not.  So it was an accidental surprise party this morning when I sent the boys in to wake him up (‘NICELY, quietly, tiptoeing, do not jump on him, and give him birthday kisses.’)  They came back to inform me that it wasn’t his birthday. He got up and played along anyway.  It’s hard to know what to get a guy like Mike.  He has everything.  I have an idea, though, and I’ll tell you next week if I do it.  When I first met Mike he had been married, divorced and had a two year old.  I remember being disappointed to learn he was only 22.  Maybe it was that my first crush, at age 6, was the grayest grizzliest looking member of the Oak Ridge Boys, but I sorta hoped he’d be older than – well, barely drinking age.  And now he is!  There’s just  something great about gray hair and balding.  Not that Mike is there yet.  He isn’t.  At all.One day, though.  He’s at the gym right now, and I’m sitting on the couch writing about how one day I hope he gets some gray hair.  On what I thought was his birthday.  That is so wrong.           


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November 16th, 2008
6:32 am

Just found your blog, and so glad I did!! And, yes, I found it through ordering Total Transformation and trying to read up on it.
You are a terrific writer, and I can’t wait to order your book. Yes, writing the blog certainly helped with creating a following for selling your books. It’s capitalism great?
Anyway, I love your “realness” and look forward to reading more.
(My outdated blog is One of these days I will be more consistent, as I love to write, just seem to get awfully busy with life.)

November 16th, 2008
4:04 pm

Love gray hair! Not so big on the balding thing, though. Bald, yes. Balding, no.

My Geek knows that if/when he starts going bald I’d rather he just shave the whole head. No comb-overs, please. Yuck!

November 20th, 2008
4:33 pm

Sounds like revenge for the diet book to me! :)

Kate@From a Desperate Housewife
November 22nd, 2008
7:26 pm

Hey Kelsey – Somehow came across your blog. Ha, that’s so funny that you thought it was his birthday. I have the absolute hardest time with birthdays. Great to meet you.

June 3rd, 2012
9:15 pm

Baldness is the most mainly concern for both men and women. Good thing for that gray hair of your’s. Hiding the fact of aging. I really like your post. I am grateful to be part of it.
Happy birthday!
Sam recently

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