Thursday, October 8th 2009
Healthy Kids, Home Sick. Brilliant.

3 boys home sick. Actually, just 2, since Seth-3yr doesn’t go to school today anyway. So Caden-5yr and Ethan-9yr are home sick.  However.  They aren’t.

Don’t you just hate that?  Don’t you just want to call the school and say, “Hi. I KNOW I called and left a message at 7:45 a.m. saying my kids were real sick and not coming today, and could you please excuse their absences, but you know…? Maybe they really aren’t.  Maybe they aren’t contagious AT ALL and could you pleeeeeeease believe me and take them and I”ll drop these sweet babies off in just one short sec because I’m calling from the parking lot?”

Of course I didn’t.  I just briefly considered it.  How’d they end up at home anyway? They didn’t fake it. My kids almost never do that because school is way more fun than a day with me and really i’m not that special to them and haven’t been since they lost the need for lactation.  I just THOUGHT they needed to be home.  There are so many sick bugs going around, and there’s a HINT of a symptom here or there…  My mistake.

But by 10:30 this morning, Mom and I looked at each other and realized I had made, perhaps, a waaaay too-cautious choice in keeping them home.  Boys flying off furniture, playing football in backyard, careening through rooms…  the picture of 3 healthy boys.

Awesome.  Note to self: That’s a blessing.  Repeat Note to Self – through clenched teeth if necessary – as 3 boys run through house with muddy shoes. BLESS. ING.

By noon, they were clearly so healthy, (and driving us nuts) that we took them to lunch.  In the parking lot of Cotton Patch, I told them that if anyone asks, do NOT say you are home sick from school.  We already looked suspicious, as the three of them insisted on wearing stretchy knit winter gloves.  Yes. 3 boys in gloves at lunch, on a day when the high will be in the 80s.

Caden-5yr outdid his brothers by wearing a gold tone plastic necklace with a giant “$” symbol.  This lovely item came home as a souvenir from the Fair, and it has hardly left his person since.  I’m thrilled. He looks like a darling, blond, preppy child with an admiration for 50 Cent’s fashion sensibilities.

I don’t say anything, of course.

My mother doesn’t say anything (usually) when I wear odd things either.   After all, that’s what sisters are for.


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October 13th, 2009
7:55 am

Welcome back! That’s all I wanted to say.

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