Friday, October 23rd 2009
King Sized Clutter

So… the writing. Since y’all are nice enough to care/ask and that is so sweet.  I’ll get to it in a post or two… but the short version- answer is: About every five seconds I think, ‘Dude. Really need to WRITE.’  And then I don’t.  Long version to come soon.

Yesterday Mom looked at my bed and said, “There’s an amazing amount of STUFF in this bed.”  I think she was considering napping there and commenting (subtly) on how it might not be comfortable.  Possibly. I am SO not good with subtle, and that possible meaning only just now occurred to me.  I took that particular observation at face value and explained all the items.

What i THOUGHT were all the items:

Lots of little boy clothes.  Caden-5yr and Seth-4yr came in very early in the morning and snuggled with each other while I was in the bathroom showering.  To get them OUT of bed I brought them all their clothes and let them get dressed for the day while still in bed.  Worked beautifully, except they left all their dirty clothes behind.

And a few items that they rejected as possible attire for the day. As if I’m supposed to KNOW what Seth-4yr means when he says, “No, Mom.  I need to wear spicy jeans. And those. are. not. spicy.”   The odd thing is I have TRIED to determine what spicy jeans are.  I never get it right.  Yesterday I gave him a little shimmy and asked if he thought my jeans were spicy.  (Y’all. Do not be alarmed. I shimmy with all the effectiveness of a prairie dog.  It was meant to be comical. Not that Seth-4yr appreciated my attempt at understanding, humor, or shimmying.  He did not.)  Seth-4yr just made a face and said, “No!  Your jeans are not spicy. AT! ALL!”  And really, I’m good with that.

I don’t even like salsa on chips.

Also on the bed.  One stuffed animal of the fox species. I think Caden-5yr brought this in for better snuggling with his brother.  They pronounce it without the ‘s’ though.  So when I went to check on them, they said, “We’re nuggling, Mommy!”

One forest green, C shaped,  neck pillow. Brought in by Seth-4yr when Caden-5yr said he needed  ”Foxy” in order to snuggle better.  Seth-4yr had to have a prop too.  (Caden-5yr is unaware of any meaning of the word “Foxy” except that it is the name he gave the stuffed animal. Felt the need to clarify after the whole “spicy” thing.)


Seth-4yr rejected my jeans choice for him  and found his own spicy-enough-to-wear pair.

One  M U D   Related Magazine and oddest love note ever.  Mike had left town and tucked under my pillow a magazine especially celebratory of the M U D and off- r o a d i n g.  I LOVE that stuff, and it happened to be raining and the note said to go enjoy the m u d.  Sweet, huh? *

This is what I explained to Mom, when really she probably just wanted me to sweep it all off and say, “Here. Let me make room for an actual napper.”

So I THINK this is all that’s on the bed, but no.  Around midnight I climb in and it’s FREEZING in those sheets and I pull up the covers and something really, really hard hits me in the TEETH and that is SO not how you want to go to bed.   Some inventive child had put a black matchbox car inside the duvet cover. INSIDE.  Just a little present.  Here is a hard metal object to smack you in the teeth, and sweet dreams.

Miraculously, she did take a nap there.  Not that I moved anything. I just inventoried and left her to it.  I’m real helpful like that.

*i don’t write about  m  u  d here anymore.  the weird spacing of letters is intentional. you wouldn’t believe what happens when I talk about that particular hobby, but it’s bizarre and i want no part of it.


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October 24th, 2009
12:49 pm

I’m going to have to see if I can find myself some of those “spicy” jeans. :D

And what is up with the M U D thing? It’s hard to believe some of the things people can turn icky.

October 26th, 2009
2:51 am

It’s good to have you back. I suppose I should have written that on the post before this, but, you know…. ;-)

I’m not good with subtle either. Usually it hits me about 4 or 5 hours later that someone might have meant something a different way than I took it. And then I start mulling and worrying. And then I realize if it really mattered, they should have just come right out and said it.

BTW, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I read it quite awhile ago, and still sometimes think about the characters. It’s one of those books that sticks with you. And that’s good. I’m not being subtle. ;-)

Lynnette Bonner
October 27th, 2009
2:25 am

M U D? Really? It amazes me the depths the human mind can crawl to!

Oh and will you let me know when you find out what the spicy jeans are? :D I think I need me a pair of those!

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