Wednesday, October 14th 2009
List Format… It’s my Friend

1)  If you have skylights installed everywhere in house, suddenly every day after that will be overcast.  Even here, where it is never overcast.

2) It’s God saying, “You’re really going to appreciate them one day.  Just not yet.”

3)  God wouldn’t say that.  I know that.  Duh. I was kidding.

4) Mom’s cat (and Mom) are living with us while her house here is built.

5) This cat came with her from Australia.

6) Our cat wishes he would go back.

7) He won’t. He applied for and successfully obtained Permanent Residency status.

8 ) Australian Cat eats the dog’s food, so we put the food in the (American) dog’s kennel and lock the kennel door.

9)  American Dog does not like to eat food in kennel, and stages hunger strike. Also, he won’t eat outside.

10) I’m calling Mom’s cat “Australian Cat” because I didn’t ask if she’d mind if I used her cat’s real name.

11) Now I’m thinkin that’s pretty crazy.

12) Never can be too careful on the web.

13) And I LOVE me some anonymity. Let’s extend it on out to the felines of all nationalities, yessirree.

14) Anonymity is why I will never have my kids’ names and sport teams on cute stickers on the back of my car.

15) I’m sure my kids will hate this about me when they find out one day and think I do not support them fully in all their athletic endeavors.

16) And they’ll say, “You are SO weird, Mom.  It’s like how you won’t even tell people what Grandmother’s cat’s name is – OR that he plays for the Kitty Paws Soccer League.”

17) Oh!  I just remembered.  I did this before, too.  Her cat shared the name of a political candidate and every time I saw his signs I cracked up.

18) It was a weird name, and it SO seemed like those signs were saying: “My Mom’s Cat for Tax Assessor.” Or something.

19) And (that was a different Australian Cat, actually) so I wrote about it but I wouldn’t use his real name.

20) Feline Anonymity. It’s a real pressing issue.


2 Comments on “List Format… It’s my Friend”

October 15th, 2009
5:32 am

I think I heard something about feline anonymity on NPR. ;) Happy you’re back!

Lynnette Bonner
October 18th, 2009
2:40 am


Cats everywhere are thanking you!

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