Saturday, December 26th 2009
Big Girl Panties. Christmas-y.

Are you snowed in…?  We officially, happily,  are not.  J-Mom, LaLa (sister), Cousin (or HolyCousin), and I  just  came back from our first outing since Wednesday. We needed paper towels, but really we needed to get out of the house already because oh-my-gosh nothing drives me crazier than staying in. Except maybe going places with lots of people, but that wasn’t the case as most everyone else was still staying in. The roads are clearing though. Finally.

Going to the store for paper towels has never been as exciting and liberating as it was today.  First we stopped at J-Mom’s new house to show LaLa and H-cousin. It’s looking VERY pretty, and is almost done. Then we ate lunch at a deserted but nice little cafe in Mom’s soon-to-be neighborhood.  We shared a giant oatmeal and walnut cookie that looked homemade. The cellophane wrapper had a label that read “family recipe since 1948.”    We decided it WAS homemade since there was quite a lot of fibrous stuff sticking off it. At first it looked like hair. But then we decided that the grandma who made it must have been wearing a fuzzy sweater that had a bad day. Or a few bad days. But between the four of us, we ate the homemade sweater fuzz cookie anyway and had a lovely time.

Among items for sale at the cafe was this (Annie Taintor) mug. And bake your own cat at and dog cookie kits, which for some reason I bought. Oh, nevermind. I know why. The kids and I can make them and they won’t gripe about my cooking. That’s always a worthy reason to bake cookies for animals.

The mug was particularly funny because a few days ago we had been discussing the phrase “put on your big girl panties.*” J-Mom’s take on this phrase was more literal than mine – she thinks that the implication is that if you’re putting on your big girl panties, they’re probably the skimpiest, little-est pair in the undie drawer.  Ahem. And thanks for that, Mom.  The rest of us take that phrase more figuratively to mean, just do it – whatever thing you’re dreading, just be a grown up and go ahead with it.

Potty training little boys is over, thank God, but still recent enough in my memory so that the words “big boy underwear” is still in my mom vocabulary.    Seth-4yr insists on wearing his big boy underwear backwards. Every day. I mighta pointed it out once or twice to him, so if he chose to switch them he could but he never did and I never tried to force the issue. There’s a million other battles to choose and backwards undies is not one of them. (Keeping the pets undie-free IS one of them, and they thank me for that. Well. No they don’t, but if they could they would.)

Mike put on his Big Boy Undies (doesn’t have the same ring to it, huh?) on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. He took my very big all weather truck to the grocery store and when we came back, there was a huge number of cars on the sides of the road outside our subdivision.  He came home, put on (rather unattractive, but thoroughly functional) khaki overall things, and went to help out the stranded passengers. We called him Bubba Elf, and Bubba Elf was quite a help to those in need for the next few hours. **

Who knew there was so much underwear news? But that reminds me. A FedEx truck arrived a few months back and had something for me – usually I’m  a UPS girl, and anything FedEx is for Mike. But? This was a special FedEx delivery for me regarding the press release for holiday themed undies with a gingerbread man on them.   It was very strange. It was summer-y outside. There was no urgency to getting me the very critical sales info on the adorable undies because even if i fell in love with them (which I did) and wanted to tell all of YOU about them, they actually weren’t even available for sale yet anyway.***  Odd.  Very odd.  So I never mentioned it, and  only do now since we’re strangely discussing Christmas underwear and big girl panties.  They never were available and I can’t even find a link to them, or I’d show you how cute they were.

So. I it’s time to put on the BGP and go make dog and cat cookies. And, no. I am not wearing a fuzzy sweater.

*Yeah, i HATE the ‘p’ word. It’s on the list of words I do not like and try to avoid saying. I’m making an exception here, but it’s difficult.

** I’m thinking Bubba Elf of course does not read any of this. Because Bubba Elf is VERY helpful, but probably doesn’t want to be associated with the phrase Big Boy Underwear even if it was just figureative. If you see this, I meant it nicely, Bubba.

***I’m highly allergic to all things with ginger anyway.****

**** possibly even cute gingerbread man underwear.


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