Friday, December 18th 2009
Dog On a Mission

Note to Self, Part I:

At dog’s bedtime, do NOT get between giant chocolate labrador and his special night-night place under the window. ¬†Forgetting this might cause one to get plowed over. Dog might not care about the tenderness of the still-recovering left knee thing. He’s normally very considerate, but when he’s tired. He’s VERY tired.

Note to Self, Part II:

Forgetting Part I could result in the well-intentioned deathgrip of husband’s arms around rib cage as he tries to grab me out of the way of oncoming canine traffic. ¬†And, oddly, this hurts much more than collision with giant tired dog at top speed.

Maybe Duke just needs to be jammied up, kissed, and tucked in, like all the other little boys in this house. Maybe he could teach those other little boys how to run to their beds like that at bedtime.

That would be awesome.


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December 23rd, 2009
12:22 pm

My Razzie does the same thing. Any mention of bedtime words (bed, time, tired, kennel, etc.) and she makes a mad dash for her kennel. Of course, it probably helps that she gets a treat every night when she goes to her kennel. Maybe that would encourage your boys to run to their beds. :-)

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