Tuesday, December 22nd 2009
Fake Tree, Live (Feline) Tree Topper

Today I could REALLY be in a funk for a lotta knee related reasons, but really it’s just a knee and who cares?  Ok, I do, but if I get into it i would definitely would be in a funk and I’m trying to avoid that.

Instead. Good news!  HolySister and HolyCousin are coming!*

Which can only mean two things.

1. HolySister and I will Pig Snort Laugh, as we do every holiday season we are together, and

2. HolyCousin will take amazing photos of the boys – as she does year round and it’s JUST fantastic.

It’s potentially a rough year. That’s my way of trying to be positive about it. But last year when J-Mom came, she came with someone really special. And then he died quite suddenly on Christmas Eve, and what had been a beautiful visit turned heartbreakingly sad.

Reminders of that time are everywhere, for everyone. Overall, the mood is light, with sad moments. I’m thankful we knew him, and very thankful that he knew us, loved us, and shared his time and thoughts and stories and heart with us.

Even now, as I write this, the cat he and my mom shared looks down at me from atop the Christmas tree. She brought the cat over when she moved here, and he’s really enjoying the challenge of climbing the Christmas tree.  Constantly. Climbing. The artificial Christmas tree. It’s really cute, but he’s making up for  a lifetime of not being a treeclimber. As Seth-4yr likes to say, “Goshie is in the FEE!”

Last year, this cat was in Australia, having never climbed a tree. A year later, he’s our own unlikely tree topper, who takes breaks for food and naps.

And now, it’s time to feed the treetopper. A meow, heard from on high, is reminding me it’s his break time.

* Those names were derived back in the day when this blog was a lot more anonymous than it is now.


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