Wednesday, December 9th 2009
Plan: Surpass Yesterday in All Ways

Yesterday it was full-on winter. School delays, and ice outside. Mom (so grateful she’s living with me for a few more weeks) looked at me and said, “Well, YOU’RE not going anywhere today.”

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. She’s my chief nurse, it’s icy, and I’ve been known to be a bit clumsy on the crutches lately. But not going anywhere all… day… long… depresses me under the very best circumstances. Which these are not.

To be fair, she probably only meant, ‘you’re not leaving the house.’  But I took that a bit further, overachiever that I am. I didn’t really leave the bedroom. I stayed in bed and made sure I got REALLY grumpy and depressed before the day was over. The low point came when I realized I’d found a website chronicling the ‘aging’ of Katie Holmes. And I was actually interested.  (FYI, there is no such THING as the aging of one so young.)

I shook myself and forced a long introspective talk about how this is seriously unhealthy behavior. I promised myself that I would NOT have another day like that.  At the conclusion of this little talk, I vowed that today I would be super productive!

* plan lots of quality time with each child. (check!)

* have brilliant physical therapy session (I went! I was a little late! not brilliant!).

* come up with helpful tips for a better life while on crutches. (all i’ve come up with here is do NOT stuff phone into bra when going from room to room. accidental picture taking can occur. delete, delete, and delete. Instead, friends, try a small purse with a long shoulder strap, or a small backpack.)

* figure out how to be more helpful in the giant laundry cycle that occurs in this house, to lessen load on others. (still working on this one)

* Discuss the importance of keeping on one’s pajamas with Seth-4yr. Who tends to be tucked in at night very snuggly, but then he strips, and then he awakes in the middle of the night freezing cold, and then he streaks through house with much energy and loudness in order to warm up his little cold body. Apparently it helps if he enlists brothers to streak with him. Or it’s just more fun. I don’t know, not being a streaker, myself. (check, but not successful! had the talk about keeping the clothes on. Seth-4yr shook his head solemnly and said, “No. Can’t do it, Mom.”)

* Observe the kids in their classrooms. Since this is a school requirement, and Friday is the deadline. And I’m usually early, but not this semester. (total fail! Cannot figure out stairs/security gate/crutches issue. Try again tomorrow.)

* Something fun with kids. Books,  crafty stuff, cooking (ha ha ha!), something. (still in progress. I’m thinking of making bird suet, using my stepmother’s recipe. This is fun, messy enough that the boys will  like it – go on – mix lard and peanut butter together and see if YOU can do it neatly – and it sorta involves my cooking but afterwards they’re not expected to smile politely and eat it. Their favorite kind.)

* Christmas shopping (not done yet, but no problem. I’m an online shopping queen.  don’t forget to use, y’all.  )

* write (haven’t written anything since the successful end of nanowrimo. must fix this asap. my main character was in quite a fix when i left her a week and a half ago, and she needs to be written out of it.)

Looking over this, it hardly seems productive at all. Good thing I set the bar so amazingly low yesterday that, by comparison, it’s just fine.


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December 18th, 2009
1:28 am

ROFL at where NOT to store the phone…
I’ll keep that one tucked… er.. I mean, filed away.

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