Thursday, February 4th 2010
Ethan-9yr. Being Ethan-9yr.

Ethan-9yr, on why he spouted off unsolicited study goals in the car – SHOCKING me – and then promptly forgot them upon arriving home: “I saw this Lego piece on the floor outside my room and I’ve been looking for it FOREVER.”

I wait.

So he goes on. “I was overwhelmed.”

Keeping a straight face, somehow, I wait.

“Overwhelmed with… with… thanksgiving.  And gratitude.”

My mom manages to not say anything, or laugh. I’m grateful for that, because I know that if I can just keep my mouth shut, Ethan-9yr will keep talking, and when he gets like this, it’s really too funny to interrupt.

Caden-5yr pipes up and says, “Thanksgiving and love. Yes.” He nods sagely, in an effort to help his brother.

I look back to Ethan-9yr, who says solemnly, “Mom, I was just overwhelmed with thanksgiving to the LORD for finding this Lego.”

It’s getting so thick I slip right off the chair and laugh in a mom-puddle on the floor.

“WHAT? It’s good to have gratitude! MOM!”

I can’t focus on gratitude though, because I’m on the floor, laughing. Where maybe I’ll find a Lego and become so overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving that I forget all about my lofty ideas of creating an edible dinner and finishing the laundry.

Ah, Ethan-9yr. The Lord is good.

I’m pretty overwhelmed with how He gave me you.


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February 4th, 2010
11:45 pm

Totally hilarious!

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