Thursday, February 11th 2010
Hair. Snake. Snow. Bath. More Snow.

Despite the phone call at 6:30 this morning, and other factors, it’s a REALLY good day.

The recording on the other end of the line said, “School will start on time today. Please press 1 to hear this message again.”

I didn’t.

But maybe I shoulda.

Because it was 6:30 in the morning, I didn’t wonder why that phone call was made, either. 45 minutes later I woke up enough to think that looking out the window was a good idea.  There was some snow, but not bad.

Yes. Here, if it snows, sometimes you get a recorded message on the phone at 6:30 telling you to take note!  it’s all okay and life will go on as normal. Isn’t Texas great?

I wish the rest of the nation could have snow days like we do them here. Some of y’all have had some really awful snow days. I know. I’ve read your blogs. I worried about you and prayed for you. And if you’re one of those, maybe you should click away until June or something because my snow day is sweet.

I immediately had to cut back on all nonessential morning routine items in order to try to get the kids out the door, allowing for extra slow drive time. (This would have not been necessary had I really understood the gist of the whole warning message and taken. a. note.)  On the nonessential morning routine items list is Taming The Crazy Hair. It takes a while.

And failure to complete the necessary Taming steps ensures I have a real good impersonation of a tumbleweed on my head. Same density, color, shape, size. And all day I SEE it because it’s so huge and constant and it mocks me. Ha Ha! I’m a tumbleweed. In WEST TEXAS. Ha! Get it?

It really isn’t very funny, but it thinks it is.

So the hair went crazy and we were still a little late to school, but no one was taking names. It’s like that here. Snow? Oh my gosh, we prayed for your safe arrival and no of course don’t worry that you’re late. (Yes. That really was said by an angel of a teacher today. She also didn’t mention the tumbleweed. Don’t you love Texas? )

Later, my mom  invited me over to try out her bathtub.

Maybe that doesnt sound like your usual invitation. It’s not a usual day.

In recent years, the bathtub industry has apparently done brilliant things with little bubbles and waves and tiny jets and self drying features.  (the tub dries itself, not the person.)  My mother’s bathtub is my new best friend. If you’re antisocial, yes, your best friend CAN ba a bathtub. A bathtub not your own, even! I will visit and spend quality time with it often. It was like a massage made especially for people who don’t like strangers touching them. And without the hands. And with water. And bubbles. And a big green toy snake that Seth-4yr thought I’d like.

It was a perfect suggestion for today.

The bath, not the big green toy snake.

But that was sweet, too.

Snow falling outside. Mike and Kim-15yr en route from lands afar.  I never wanted to get out.

Seth-4yr stayed and napped there. And I’m here. Ahhh. That’s mom-luxury.

Snow outside, and inside the cat and the dog are napping by the fire in the fireplace.

Snow day,  Texas style.


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February 12th, 2010
5:29 am

Aaaah, what I wouldn’t give for a real good soaky tub. I have no tub – just a shower – and my last house had a tub that was so tiny there was no point. It’s on our list though, when we finish the basement.

Glad you enjoyed your day. You so deserve it.

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