Sunday, February 21st 2010
How I’m A Freak Around Normal People, Part 9,823.

This morning i woke up to THREE little boys in the bed plus a very large cat who wanted me to notice him. The only ones missing were the husband and the dog. Thank goodness. About the dog. Not the husband. The husband was on his merry way to Minnesota, and the dog was snoring on the floor, with no interest in being on the bed.

1. Seth-4yr is making up for his previous lack of ear infections. Now. A lot. Let’s just cram it all into one weekend and be efficient.

2. Poor baby. When he’s really hurting, he sticks his tongue out when he cries. That is hard to do. Go ahead, try.  He’s done that since he was tiny.

3. He hates to cry and almost never will, no matter what.

4. It might be because he’s so bad at it, what with the tongue technique thing. But that’s okay.

5. Caden-6yr is all about the word, “embarrassing.” STILL. Everything is, yaknow.

6. And very few of his examples actually ARE embarrassing.

7. I would know this key difference. A couple weeks ago there was an incident where the neighbor from across the street came over as I was sitting in my truck opening mail.

8. I didn’t see him coming. And if I had, I didn’t think he’d just all, OPEN THE DOOR. He was being nice. My truck battery was dead, and he thought he’d help.

9. Did you know you can get deeply discounted lingerie from victoria’s secret if you don’t mind the really bright colors that are always in their online clearance?

10. I love discounts. I also love two shades of hot pink leopard.

11. Not when I pull it out of a large envelope and suddenly am in a highly inappropriate mini-scene starring the Neighbor Guy I Hardly Know who just opened the truck door out of the TOTAL BLUE, where’d that guy come from anyway, doesn’t anybody knock anymore, and there I am holding deeply discounted lingerie in two shades of hot pink leopard.

12. This, Caden-6yr, is called… embarrassing.

13. Neighbor Guy had a sudden coughing fit before we each said hello and tried to ignore the leopard.

14. Mike thought this was funny when I told him later.

15. I still don’t.

16. And he doesn’t understand my social anxieties. If he did stuff like that, he’d have social anxiety too.

17. Or no. He wouldn’t . But he probably should.

18. I have told myself that Neighbor Guy probably forgot all about that. But if there were only a handful of things I knew about someone, and one of them involved two shades of hot pink leopard, it would be really hard for ME to forget that about that person.

19. But I’m thinking that’s just me.

20. Take that little online shopping tip at your own risk, ladies.


3 Comments on “How I’m A Freak Around Normal People, Part 9,823.”

February 22nd, 2010
11:52 am

You’re not a freak. I’d probably have shrieked, jumped a foot, hit my head on the roof of my car, had a hand spasm that would end up throwing hot pink leopard lingerie out the window or into the guy’s face, and then turned my own fabulous shade of hot pink while trying to mumble my way out of the situation. Also, probably would never look Neighbor Guy in the face again, although might surreptitiously keep an eye on him, since he’s already proven to be so sneaky and all.

Poor Seth. Hope he’s better soon.

February 23rd, 2010
8:46 pm

Online shopping tip duly noted! :)


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