Saturday, February 27th 2010

Today… there’s three different practices for two different sports for two different boys and one awards dinner for two different boys who are assigned seating in two different sections. Meaning. Two parents must go. And also meaning. I’m still in bed, writing this, instead of getting up and facing the Way Too Athletic Saturday.

If it were MY athletic sort of Saturday, then I’d be out of bed already.

Question: How do you get a splinter in your FACE?  Specifically, left cheekbone area, kinda in the middle. I haven’t been rolling around on any hardwood floors. (ok, a little, but just playing cars with Seth-4yr in the dining room and I know I didn’t use my face.) I haven’t been smushing my face against the fence. So how does that even happen? It was a dark wood, 1/4 inch long, fully stuck right into my face, not the convenient sort of splinter that hangs out on one end so you can just grab and go. More of the sort that gets real comfortable and embedded. Or. Real uncomfortable.  However you want to look at it.

It bothered me so much that after removing the splinter, I carefully placed it on the lid of a moisturizer so I could think about it. Such an oddity needed to be preserved and archived for future study. And then a few minutes later I forgot about it and needed moisturizer and I don’t know where it went.

One time I got a mysterious splinter right between my two front teeth. Also unexplained, since I am not a toothpicky kinda girl. Or a “let’s chew on some two by fours” kinda girl.

No. I am the sort who will sit in bed with a laptop and talk about her odd splinter history rather than get up and face the Way Too Athletic Saturday.

I’m keeping my face away from the baseball bats.

Well. That’s probably a good idea anyway.


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February 28th, 2010
8:57 am

Maybe you’ve been hugging trees?

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