Wednesday, February 24th 2010
The Plane Crash Did NOT Help Matters…

Am so tired I can’t stand it. Stupid, wannabe intruders can do that to a girl.

And then there was the whole Caden-6yr  Nose Injury thing. Caden-6yr throws himself right into Life, with very little regard for personal wellbeing. Not that it was his fault. This time. But it usually kinda totally is.

So last night was Parent Group – where parents all over have a group therapy session on the phone and online with the kids who are in the same program as Kim-15yr. Juggling kids, dinner, bedtime, and an online therapy thing is never easy, and worse if Mike is out of town. But it’s also a weekly thing, and totally doable. After dinner, I check on Caden-6yr and Seth-4yr and compliment how well they’re doing in the bath and look! no water on the floor! Thank you, yea, good job guys, etc!


I’m barely back to the kitchen when the crazy hysterical crying begins. It’s BOTH of them. By the time I get in there, the bathwater is red with gallons of blood. Maybe not gallons. But definitely quarts. {Note: Mike is the parent who should always be around if there is blood, vomit, or would-be intruders. That’s just ideal. All of those make me really unreasonable. But, oddly, of the three – I’m best with blood.}

Seth-4yr did not really appear to be bleeding. But he was hysterical. Caden-6yr was covered in blood from his forehead to his bellybutton. It was IN his eyes so that the white parts? Were red. It was pouring from his nose, and gushing from his mouth. It looked like the sort of movie I do not watch specifically because I hate seeing stuff like that.

I grabbed a bright red towel (bright red towel – great for such times – always need a few in Caden-6yr’s bathroom just in case) and started mopping it all off. Seth-4yr nodded yes when I asked him if he was just scared. The three of us held hands all the way to the living room and I finally realized the source was Caden-6yr’s nose.

Of course it was. The child’s nose could have a blog of its own.

Anyway. Seth-4yr had managed to fly a metal airplane straight up Caden-6yr’s left nostril and do great damage. I squeeze the nose and use the special mommy voice that sounds really freaky but is really falsely calm and high pitched. It’s not a choice. It just comes out like that when I see blood. And it could be worse. Screaming could come out. But instead my eyebrows go way high up until my face hurts and this oddly calm but really NOT voice comes from who knows where and says all sorts of reassuring platitudes that I don’t really believe or think at the time. What I really believe and think at the time is more like, “DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY HE’S A LITTLE BOY AND THAT’S A LOT OF BLOOD. MULTIPLY THE BLOOD STILL IN HIS TINY BODY PLEASE. NOW! AND THANK YOU. AND I NEED MY MOMMY.”

Seth-4yr feels REAL bad about the whole Shove an Airplane Up a Nostril Thing, and gladly gets the phone so I can hang up the online, on the phone therapy session with Kim-15yr’s peers who are on speakerphone REAL LOUD in the kitchen because I just. can’t. handle. it. right. then.

The bleeding stops. I send a text to my mom that reads: “Bloody Emergency. Caden. Nose. Should b ok.”

I take pictures with my phone and send them to MIke with a similar text. I’m pretty sure that the nose is bruised, but unbroken THIS TIME, but last time it was broken I thought that, too. And I was really wrong. So I need another opinion.

Still holding the nose with the red towel, I use the crazy calm voice and call my mother, who did not respond to my text. I ask her to come over. I give few details. The crazy calm voice alone tips her off. She was there during the first Caden Nose Incident, and the next one after that, too – and she recognizes the signs.

Seth-4yr finally chills out and provides all the sympathy and comfort he can.  Eventually they’re both tucked in.

I check the motion light in the backyard, still very aware of the wannabe intruder and his possible return.

I’m very edgy.

Mom stays awhile, and I’m SO glad.

Later, i let Duke out. And because I’m so edgy, I let him out, lock the door behind him, and then watch him.

I never do that. And I wish I had, a few times.

Because he goes out to the edge of the concrete and stares into the darkness and puts his tail between his legs and won’t move. For five minutes.

And it freaks me right on out.

Surely he doesn’t do that every night? What’s with that?

Finally he does his thing and comes back and I lock the door behind him and set the alarm on the house and try not to think about blood. Or Duke’s tail between his legs. Or how the online Parent Group went, since Kim-15yr was supposed to talk and i missed it. Or the footprints of the person who jumped over the fence. Or if he’s coming back. Or what it would feel like to have an airplane fly up my nose.

I can’t sleep. Because of all the things I’m trying not to think about.

At 2 in the morning Duke needs to go out again.

He lets me know he needs to go out by walking around quietly and jiggling his collar just a little. He isn’t demanding. But I know what he means. And I’m ignoring it. I canNOT handle turning the alarm off and watching the tail between the legs thing for five minutes and all of that. Because it was scary enough at 10:45. And it would be worse at 2 am. Much worse.

So I whisper to him, “Duke, baby. Just this once, you just go ahead and twinkle on the carpet. ‘Kay? And I won’t blame you at all. I’ll clean it up tomorrow and you will not be in trouble. We are NOT going outside tonight. I am NOT opening that door.”

He laid down and went to sleep and left the carpet alone.

I was so glad.

Today was one of those days I just wanted to wrap the kids in bubblewrap (so that they can still breathe) and make them sit on big, fluffy pillows.  And not move. And not get hurt. And not play outside. And kiss me a lot with their sweet, non-bloody faces.

I wanted a really, really boring day.

It pretty much happened.

And everyone’s bored to pieces.

And safe.

So I’m happy.

And tired.

But really, really grateful.


5 Comments on “The Plane Crash Did NOT Help Matters…”

February 24th, 2010
9:03 pm

I’m so glad things got boring for you. I know how awful it can be when you’re home alone (i.e. without the hubby) and something scary happens. Don’t know what the creep was doing near your house, but I’m glad you’re safe! Here’s to many more safe, boring days ahead.

February 24th, 2010
10:28 pm

Yikes! I’m so sorry! What a messy, freaky day.

I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on in.

February 25th, 2010
2:45 am

Boring days are rare when you have 3 active boys! But you certainly deserved one! Maybe you’ll even have one more tomorrow? :-)

February 26th, 2010
11:10 pm

Boring – good. Bloody – very bad. You have had a WEEK, sweet pea. Here’s hoping boring lasts a while.

February 27th, 2010
9:56 am

Poor little guy. Thank God he’s okay. After reading your posts this week, I had a couple of weird incidents with the house & some weird dude driving around the cul de sac. But I think it bothers me more because I’m alone in a big house (house sitting). Sorry things have been bad lately.

Hopefully things will be boring for awhile!

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