Monday, March 29th 2010
A Day Last Summer
Last June, we went to my dad and stepmother’s house in North Texas, as we do a few times a year. There are acres of gorgeous land, a garden, a pond, trees, a creek, animals, snakes, spiders, and loving parental and grandparental types. It’s a great place.
My dad is PawPaw, and his wife is MiMi. Together, the two of them can grow almost any fruit, tree, plant, flower, or vegetable you could ever want. MiMi makes her own goat cheese. From a lady nearby with real live goats. Y’all.
I burned a frozen pizza in the oven the other day, following box instructions.
Each summer, on what always seems to be the hottest, most humid day ever, we harvest in the garden. It is SUCH fun. My dad tirelessly digs potatoes for the boys to unearth more easily. I stand around, nag my dad to drink something already, and wonder why I wore black.
Caden-6yr challenged me to an onion picking race.  Have I mentioned that Caden-6yr is a bit competitive? Or that I am?
His technique – actually bending and pulling – is far more effective than mine (strolling past the shed looking for shade)
And his strategy paid off.  He won, big time.
I’m not the most gracious of losers.  And I was not offering heartfelt congratulations here, I think I was trying not to faint.
We’re going back soon, and I’m really looking forward to it! (Can you tell? I mean, disregarding the about-to-faint photo?)

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