Friday, March 26th 2010
I just called…

Mike just called. He said, and I quote this directly with complete accuracy: “I’m just calling to see how your day is going.”

I sat up straight, bugged out my eyes, and closed the laptop – which had been put to really good use right at that moment to search for Steve Madden shoes on eBay (because they actually fit my bizarrely post-ballet and otherwise genetically messed up feet). I leaned forward on the couch and squinted.

Because when Mike calls in the middle of the day and starts a conversation with those words – well. Pay attention. He has something to say and he’s not going to just call and say, “I am calling because I have something to say.” He isn’t like that. But he does have something to say. Because he called. And he doesn’t call just to call, even if he says he does.

And that is FINE. Really. He’d bug me if he did.

So, because I was no longer distracted by Steve Madden ballet flats and sitting forward and squinting, which somehow helps – I didn’t miss it when he slipped the whole point of the call past me. Good for me.

It was  business-y thing he was – and should be – quite pleased about. Pleased enough to call and tell me about it, even. Yea for him.

Then we talked baseball, since our lives are All About Baseball. We have FOUR games in the next 30 hours. FOUR. And that’s with one small boy being too little to play yet. And I’m very grateful for that. Not that Seth-4yr would know that I’m very grateful for his youth, today. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to talk him into wearing Appropriate Seasonal Clothing.

I don’t know why I do that. I don’t really care how silly they look when we go places. But I DO care if they’re cold. I am chronically cold, and I hate it that Seth-4yr never ever wants to dress warmly enough and he peels off whatever layers we talk him into as soon as he gets to the car because..? He says his seatbelt won’t go over a sweater. Really now? Sweater or seatbelt, this is my choice? When did your dad teach you to negotiate like that? That’s crazy. Talking the kid into a sweater is hardly worth it if you can only get him to keep it on til he gets to the car. And then it’s off, as fast as he can threaten me with the seatbelt.

But still I feel like Kenny Chesney’s mother  must feel most days. “Baby, just put on something with SLEEVES FOR ONE TIME IN YOUR LIFE. Please? Can you just TRY IT for your MOMMY? Just this ONCE.”

But no.

At least it’ll be summer soon.


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March 28th, 2010
10:10 pm

I just wrote…
to say it was probably September when I last looked for your blog and had decided maybe you’d quit blogging forever. I found that thought a little depressing, though I’m just a catch-up-every-coupla-months kind of reader and I don’t think I’d ever posted. My own antisocial ways have me forever composing comments I rarely send. Then today, after an emotionally devastating week, I tried again, and in between getting my 6yo daughter fed, bathed and to bed, I have now caught up completely. And after a grueling few days, the belly laughs have been a true blessing. I am SO glad you’re blogging again.
I just wrote to say thank you.

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