Tuesday, March 30th 2010
Minor Multi-Sensory Disaster

I was thinking about the five senses earlier because today…? I made a horrific discovery. In the kitchen. (Of course it was in the kitchen.)

In preschool, the kids study the five senses. I love it when they come home with bits of sandpaper and cotton  balls and talk about how stuff feels. All the boys have had the same preschool teacher (at my request), and I’m kinda familiar with her curriculum by now.  Anyway.

The discovery:

If I sing Barbra Streisand’s “A Woman in Love”*  really loudly in the kitchen


burning a ciabatta thing into a sad looking,  blackened crust

and then try to eat it ANYWAY and painfully sear the skin right off the roof of my mouth since it’s still 425 degrees and all…

I can offend all five senses at once.


Way too easily.

*I do this for dramatic, fun purposes – not because I can sing or because of any great attachment to the song. And I looked up the lyrics, and I’ve been singing** them all wrong anyway. “But it’s a riiiiiiiight….. I defeeeeeeeeend…..”

** that’s really the wrong word, but let’s go with it.


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March 30th, 2010
2:16 pm

Good trick! Did you use it as a science lesson for your boys? ;-)

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