Tuesday, March 23rd 2010
Smell the Flowers. Or at Least Look.

oooooh my gosh. this DAY.  Already. With the whole day.

i’ve :

made a giant list of where to be and what to take with me for the 896 places i need to be in the next 7 hours.

most notable on the giant list: ‘take codpieces.’  because i knew i’d forget what ‘cups’ meant and grab water bottles. also on the list.

cried during an on-the-phone therapy session with Kim-15yr  (and not in a good way) – more like a ‘dude. fetal position would be nice but i’m TOO BUSY TO LIE DOWN” kinda way

made myself take deep breaths and go look at all the blooming daffodils. pretty. my favorites are the light yellow ones with the ruffled, deeper yellow trumpets.

tulips soon.

geez i need tulips. pink ones in flowerbeds, and soon.

according to the Giant List I have someplace to be right now. It involves 3 boys, and a high school drive by, using GPS or else I will surely mess up a whole lot of other things on the giant list later.

i suspect that didn’t make sense.

i’m sorry.

it’s been a DAY.

(this was not on the list. but I’m rebellious like that. defying my own list as soon as it’s written. it pretty much makes the whole process pointless.)


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