Tuesday, May 11th 2010
Summer – with a little meltdown at the end. As it should be.

I need to plan the summer. Usually, it’s already done.  Kidlets are signed up and enrolled and I have my calendar full and color coded with various activities.

It’s not done. It’s hot, it’s shorts and bikini weather here in Texas, and still… the summer is not yet planned.

Worse? I don’t even know when school is out. I was way clear on this all important date, and then the school changed their minds about that date and the new date… well, I haven’t met it, much less shaken its hand and gotten to know it and written it on the calendar on the laundry room wall.  My stuff can go on the calendar in my phone – but all the Kidlet Stuff goes on the Calendar on the Laundry Room Wall. And that way whenever someone asks me something I do not know the answer to, I can shrug and say, “go check the calendar.”  It’s a beautiful thing.

Unless the calendar has been neglected. As mine has. And then I CAN shrug and say, “go check the calendar,” but it’s more mean than helpful. So I try not to.

And I am definitely a summer planner. If  there are consecutive endless weeks without structure, I go nuts. If it’s me, the endless laundry, and “can we pleeeease watch Thomas and Jerry?” (yes, it’s Thomas, not Tom around here. don’t ask me why) and “how about Phineas and Ferve? Dad lets us!” (yes, it’s Ferve around here, don’t ask me why, my kids talk funny and i like it) then oh my gosh we need to get out of the house.

Usually there’s art classes. And swimming lessons. And sports of some sort. But last year swimming was horrendous and Ethan-10yr almost died by jumping off the high dive straight to the edge of the pool and came WAY TOO CLOSE and I had a very calm-voiced, crazy-eyed glare talk with the People Who Should Have Been More Responsible Than That With My BABY. And then I used the same voice on Ethan-10yr as soon as I hugged him and cried all over him. And then we never went back. I had told the Swim People that would be the case, in my eerie, creepy, confrontational super-calm voice. And I think they were way relieved.

So. Need new pool. One without a high dive, because I can’t handle it yet.  Need to check the gym. No idea if there’s a high dive there, have never looked. In all the years we’ve been members, I have tried not to get familiar or comfortable with the gym pool because if I do, the kids will expect me to take them. And ugh. I’d rather be selfish and not. (Am awesome mom, huh?)  Or that’s BEEN the case. Am ready to get over that now, and not sure why. This could be the year we go – and go a lot if I really can’t stand the obnoxious Phineas and Ferve. My kids could get real excited about this if I ever actually tell them, follow through, and actually GO.

Mike is so great that whenever the kids bring home birthday invitations and I go all, “ACK! Social situation, pleeeeease don’t make me go!” he always takes the kid if at all possible. Isn’t that great? So. The kids have gone to lots of parties at this pool. This pool I have never even had to see thanks, Mike.

So. I think the point of this was to own up to not planning a summer so I would guilt myself into planning a summer and acquiring art, sports, swimming schedules from appropriate sources and then write it all on the calendar like I usually do.  And if that was the point of this, then I am even more boring than I thought. (And I generally write about stalking cats that are not mine, extra butts, and discussing lip gloss addictions with God, so I’m REAL clear on not being that exciting already. But hello to the new low.)

Okay. I was going to end it there, but you know what? The real deal with not yet planning this summer I haven’t even mentioned and you probably don’t possibly care about this at all and if you did, you were over it way on up the page before this, so this is just for me. Feel no obligation. The thought of this summer WIGS ME OUT. I don’t know if it’ll be 3 active boys or if it’ll be 3 active boys and 1 VERY unpredictable Kim-16yr, home for the first time to stay in more than 4 years. And if so, what would that look like? And how do you plan for that?  And will a few scheduled activities help or worsen, like, everything? And how long is summer? Who knows, without knowing the end and start dates for school next year? Can I even do this? Maybe not. It’s probably time to try it whether we think it’ll work out or not, and just SEE, but just how many weeks are in summer and do I hafta and are we really sure I’m the mom here, now, THIS summer? I’d like a plan B. Just to have.

Yeah. Well, okay then. That’s what all that was really about.


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Heather Ivester
May 12th, 2010
7:03 pm

Glad to see I’m not the only one who wigs out about a LONG unstructured summer. My kids have gotten to the age where I can’t just sign them up for day camps like I used to — everything requires phone calls and/or emails making sure they have a friend to go with. It can be exhausting, just thinking about it all.

SO! I wish you the best. :) I’m good for about 2 weeks of nothing, and then we’ve got to have a plan! Does your church have Vacation Bible School? That can be fun. Maybe.

May 14th, 2010
8:22 am

Hmm! Summer planning…that’s a new concept to me. I’ll have to try it. :o P

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