Wednesday, June 2nd 2010
Take Two Pepcids. Forever. Meow.

We are finally coming out of the Bizarre Symptom Fog that has enveloped our house for the last two weeks or so. I haven’t mentioned it. This is intentional.

I’m a firm believer in just not saying a lot of things you do not want to give the value of words. They can be good things or sad things or illnesses – but if you put them into words it somehow makes them more real and empowers/defines/enlarges those things or feelings or incidences or whatever - with more presence in the world. Just for putting them into words. And so, on many subjects,  I often do not.  There are just some things, I will never, ever choose to speak. And some that I will, but not at the time. It’s not exactly denial. It’s more a respect for the creative power of words.   (There’s some serious theological reasoning behind this, but I’ll spare you.)

But now! We’re coming out of it. And I am so glad. Because I am not good with keeping up with all of it. We have had 2-3 boys with pink eye, plus adults all on preventative or needed eyedropping schedules of up to SIX times a day, plus animal health issues. (pink eye? don’t go to the dr and get the Rx stuff. Health food stores sell sovereign silver, mix it with contact saline to take out the burn and you’re good to go. works better. cheaper. whatever.)

Fun with Pink Eye:

The boys got tired of all the eye drops and spiced it up by all laying on the floor in various flat sculptures. “Let’s be a 3 Boy snowflake!” And they’d get their eyedrops in snowflake formation.  Etc. Or “Let’s get all our right eyes done, and then our left eyes!” And on. And on.

The dog:

Gah. The dog always gets the strangest symptoms, many of which have been documented here. Only our dog would get whooping cough. And crazy unexplained, endless tail pain. And I think he’s a total hypochondriac and making it all up just because. A few weeks ago he started shaking his head. All night. At one point Mike sat up in bed and was about to make Duke go out to the living room or something and I woke up enough to say, “Compassion.” And then instantly fall back to sleep. Which is sort of awesome, but it’s not fair to think I’m somehow more compassionate that Mike is. (Soooo not) It’s just that I have worked hard at developing the ability to block out noises and keep sleeping if I want to. When Mike’s alarm goes off and he’s already gone… I can successfully wake up, not turn it off,  then sleep through the blaring, and then be all smug about this particular odd accomplishment later.   Anyway. The dog has an ear infection and gets drops in his left ear. Twice a day. For a MONTH.

The cat:

The cat has an ulcer. This may or may not be related to when I brought in his kitty baby and made him think long and hard about paternity issues he wasn’t emotionally ready to deal with. The ulcer and its symptoms mighta started RIGHT THEN.  Not that I’m claiming responsibility. This is a possible side effect of Charlo not dealing with his OWN issues in a healthy manner.  And because of that, he needs to take a Pepcid (10mg) twice a day FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Which we shove down his throat and chase with a squirt of water to make him swallow.  And the vet said he needed his teeth cleaned and might as well shave him bald from all that LONG GLORIOUS fur, too. So now the poor baby is a tiny, ugly hairless rodent-y thing with an ulcer. It’s hard to make that particular cat look ugly. But we did. And I’m sure that didn’t help the ulcer or his self esteem.

I’ll post pictures of him soon. Because I’m so compassionate. And when I say ‘ugly’ I mean in the cutest way EVER. It looks like he has an awful toupee with the way the longhair fur  on his head lays awkwardly over the totally shaved, almost pink neck…? Oh my gosh it’s adorable.


2 Comments on “Take Two Pepcids. Forever. Meow.”

June 2nd, 2010
3:21 pm

We used to shave Diva. She was SO happy, especially in the summer. She’d find the nearest rug and just roll all over it and purr like crazy. Shaved kitties are cute. :)

June 3rd, 2010
9:43 pm

LOL, poor kitty! Can’t wait to see the pictures! :) Can’t believe the illnesses going thru your household! Take care of yourself!

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