Monday, July 19th 2010
*, *, and some more *

*The cat takes a pepcid morning and night for his ulcer. He’s really good about it, but when he’s cranky I sometimes am tempted to toss a Midol down his throat instead.

*I’m a bit in trouble with the ‘hosting’ people. I do not understand technology. I really don’t. But the mystical hosting people contacted me in distress because my picture files were too large and they, uh, noticed.  I was all, “huh? really? I was kinda proud I learned how to use pictures at all and what’s ‘large’ and what’s ‘small’ and how do you really influence that anyway…?” The mystical hosting people were not charmed, and I swore to not use any more pictures until I figured out how to please them with my file size. This is why there were not darling photos of a sick Caden-6yr in lion feet slippers in the last post.

*There is one thing worse than watching your baby fall off playground equipment and not being able to get there fast enough to catch him. And that would be….? Watching someone else’s baby do that while you’re the adult on duty and not getting there fast enough. Oh, the guilt. I picked playground mulch-y stuff out of her gorgeous curly hair and scooped it out of her nose and even out of her mouth and sat on the ground and held her until she stopped crying and it was AWFUL.  That girl was tough.

*Caden-6yr is better. He is actually mightily recovered, and came out of this illness with a different personality than the one we’ve always known and loved in his previous 6 yrs of life. This personality is similar to the Incredible Hulk. He’s strong, he’s violent, and he’s unpredictable. Caden-6yr, last week and prior, was mild mannered, sunny, easy going, and totally chill.  Now he’s leaving bruises on unsuspecting brothers who are like, “WHAT? WHO ARE YOU?”  And we still do not know the answer to that. Paging the Old Version of Caden-6yr…? You are wanted in the Home Department immediately.

*It’s Big Spider Season. Last year during Big Spider Season, my mother still lived here and she squished them for me. And now she does not. The boys are usually good about this chore, but last week there was one that was SO BIG that I was scared to LET the boys take care of it. I called Mike (from where I perched atop the kitchen island) and was all, “COME HOME THERE IS  A RAT SIZED SPIDER, PLEEEEEASE COME BACK.” Mike had just left. He came back. The burly, barrel chested rat-sized spider lumbered over to the dishwasher and disappeared. Mike took apart the dishwasher because I was not going to get much done on the kitchen island, otherwise.  The rat sized spider has not been seen since, but I have not forgotten him.

*He’s probably rabbit sized by now.

*Ethan-10yr is going to camp. For a week. For the first time. I am not good with this. Sure, I went to camp and I was even younger, and it was great. But this is my baby.  This particular baby goes to bed at seven o’clock because he wants to and  because he needs to and because if he stays up any later  – his eyes glaze over and he can only utter the words, “why am I still up, Mom? It’s too late for me.” And? He’s right. I have no idea how he will function. I’m trying not to think about it.

*LaLa is coming to visit. We shall snort like pigs when we laugh and exchange shoes. Can’t wait!


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July 20th, 2010
7:33 am

Well I WAS coming to visit and then you mentioned that giant spider and now I’m considering how best to see you while never setting foot in your house. Still working on that and will get back to you.

Heather Ivester
July 20th, 2010
7:59 am

My 10-yr-old is also at camp this week. I miss her, but she’s with her two best friends, so I know she’s having fun. I think it’s harder for the parents than for the kids! Maybe you can send a care package. Our camp lets you buy them on the spot, and then pick the day you want them delivered. (Nice little business someone thought up.)

I think your son will do great — age 10 is the perfect age for camp!

July 22nd, 2010
8:52 am

At this point, I don’t know how anyone could ever be ready to send one of their children off to camp. Mine are all so little that I can’t fathom it… I’ll pray for you guys.

As for the spider, his natural predator would be a rat or a mouse. Too bad all of yours died not long ago…

LOL! Okay, that was mean. I’m sorry. I feel for you. Man I’m glad we don’t have any creepy crawlies bigger than a quarter out here.

July 28th, 2010
9:36 pm

Back in March, my middle son started wheezing, out-of-the-blue-no-warning-at-all kind of wheezing accompanied by coughing and pretty much the inability to breathe whatsoever. A trip to the ER, followed by a 4 day hospital stay, he returned home, not much the worse for wear. His skin healed up from the IV needles pretty quick, but there was something he brought home from the hospital that didn’t evaporate quite as quickly — his TOUGHMAN phase.

He’d walk around hitting, squashing, smashing and generally behaving like a little roughneck. I guess he just felt invincible after making it though being so sick that he could barely raise his head, and dealing with being treated like a pin-cushion while being forced to wear treatment masks on and off throughout the day.

Anyway, after several pages for the old personality (and a couple of weeks) he settled down back into his old self. Has Caden returned to norm yet?

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