Saturday, July 24th 2010
LaLa is Here, and She Brought Her Cute Hair.

LaLa is here. There has been much laughing. No one has snorted like a pig, but the visit is only half over and I’m sure one of us will get around to it soon enough.

What we have gotten around to, LaLa, J-mom, and myself:

–deepish “what’s in the future” conversations

–shallowish “what’s in the future” conversations

–much snuggling/laughing at little boys

–much snuggling/laughing at various cats

–being thoroughly freaked out by a scary guy in a silver porsche – had to call Mom and LaLa and assure them I would not lead him to the house and was trying to lose him. This was a good time to remember that I don’t see well at night and wouldn’t really know if I’d ‘lost him’ or not. But I did and he was awful, and reminded me of some scary movie character from the 90s I couldn’t ever quite remember.  Eyes as crazy as his hair. Ick. Had to call Mike when I left later and begged him to stay on the phone with me while I drove just in case the crazy guy jumped out of the backseat.

–looked at very old photos and was appalled to see that as a child I looked exactly like Seth-4yr. Not that he isn’t darling – he is. But I mean, I looked EXACTLY like Seth-4yr, but without the big brown eyes. But WITH the boy clothes. With the boy hair. With the Seth-4yr EVERYTHING.

Caden-6yr looked at the pictures and casually said, “Oh. That’s when Mom was a boy.”  (AS IF THAT MAKES SENSE. Oh MY GOSH. My mouth dropped open when he said that and i never even thought to go back and correct it and be all, “Hey? Dude? I was NEVER A BOY. Me? Your mother? Not transgendered. Please let’s get this accurate, ‘kay? It was JUST HAIR. And clothes. And, fine, every single visual appearance cue that a child can have regarding gender including the shoes.”) Gah, that hair. Caden-6yr asked if I wanted boy hair or if I had it that way and I DIDN’T want it that way. I gritted my teeth and said, “doesn’t. matter.”

I don’t think it was convincing.

–In those same photos, my sister had long gorgeous hair that the sun streaked blonde.

–now her hair is darling, with natural wave and curl and volume and body and bounce, and it never does an impersonation of a tumbleweed, like mine does.

–Looking at plants/flowers/my beloved, butchered grapevines

–ate weird, but good dinner. LaLa’s salmon on salad came with toasted pecans covered in powdered sugar. That is weird. (weird but good. I ate a ton of them)

two flag football games

–Mom and LaLa went to that bakery I love in the next town and brought me back some of those chocolate thumprints that reduce my willpower to nothing. I left the cookies at Mom’s because I am powerless against their pull.

–I sprayed Mom with bug spray and made her scream. (enjoyed that a little too much)  I thought she wanted me to do that, and turned her back for exactly that purpose, when no, not so much and it was a total, cold shock.

–tried on/exchanged shoes. of course.

–Lots of “I Spy” with the kids and Mike, and watching a wedding take place across the street from the restaurant. Bride’s colors were hot pink and orange. Although LaLa drawled, “my colors are blush and bashful, Mama.” Ahh, Julia.

–When LaLa and I went to the restroom at the end of dinner, Caden-6yr burst into song, “Big sister and little sister going to the potty!”  I’m sure the other diners appreciated that more than we did.

Quite a sendoff. At least it wasn’t “big sister and little brother” and we had at least that much clarity.


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July 27th, 2010
4:03 pm

Just to clarify, you did not look like a boy your whole childhood. You were absolutely adorable pretty much the whole time though – a lot like Seth in that way. And let’s keep this in mind, hilarious but true – it was the 70s. Dorothy Hamill hair was everywhere. And it didn’t help that for some reason that decade the world over, all of us wore lots and lots of brown. I did enjoy the moment when Caden looked at the photo and said casually, “Oh, that’s Seth.” Your face was priceless. If I didn’t pig snort out loud right then, I meant to, and probably did so mentally.

I do hereby motion that we never sing the sisters going to the potty song ever again.

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