Wednesday, July 14th 2010
Odds/Ends. Mainly ‘Odds.’ Because It’s Me.

1. Have decided that OF COURSE the kids like Mike better and have no idea why I thought maybe they didn’t. He buys them chocolate cheerios (gag) and lets them explode things on July 4th. I buy them too many pairs of underwear and prefer to keep them away from anything explosive, exciting, or interesting in case they get hurt.

2. YES, Mike DID have a party when I went away on the 4th. He said he didn’t. But there were disposable plastic cups and puffy orange cheesy things in the pantry and when he wasn’t laughing at my drug induced tears, he did admit to ‘having people over.’

3. Have made no headway on the to school/to work/to write dilemma of the upcoming autumn. Am afraid that if I choose ‘write’ that I will in fact not, and will instead end up buying my children more unnecessary underwear at Target. Every day.  Am afraid that if I choose school that I will realize I am not quite cut out for it. It’s been awhile. Wasn’t all that great at it the first few attempts, either. Am afraid that if I choose work, it will not matter at all because geez, who’d be crazy enough to hire me anyway? I break things. I don’t think that generally goes over well. I think the work option does have the best cute shoe wearing potential, though, and no I am not even kidding – that matters.

Am perfectly aware of how crazy all that sounds. Am fine with that.

4. The extra kids’ underwear references probably do not make sense. I think it was part of a post I never actually posted. But my kids have a million pairs of underwear and yet they still end up with shortages due to one or more of them hoarding the supply for odd/sentimental/mean/accidental/all of the above reasons. I forget they do this and buy more. And then wonder how in the world I could forget this cycle and yet i do.

Suddenly remembering why I never posted about that.

5. Kinda fell in love with a basenji named Coconut. He has golden eyebrows and a soulful, doggy gaze. But I’m refraining from adopting him because he’s fairly destructive, as they apparently often are. But OH SO CUTE.  Also, I killed a turtle yesterday. And I do not know what I’m doing with my life when the kids go back to school next month.  I should not take on further animal responsibilities.

6.  In the last few days, I broke a turtle, an iPhone, 2 eggs (on the floor), one white computer cord, and seriously bruised my right foot when I dropped something heavy on it in a Hobby Lobby.

7. I might be more destructive than a basenji named Coconut.

Correction: I am WAY more destructive than a basenji named Coconut.

Fortunately my mother is way more understanding when I gouge giant lines into her fence with a weedeater than she is when Coconut eats large chunks of her gate and then spits out the splinters everywhere. I might be destructive to fences, but at least I do not eat them.

8. If you have to rate your destructiveness with a sentence that clarifies that you do not EAT wooden fencing, then you might have a problem.


2 Comments on “Odds/Ends. Mainly ‘Odds.’ Because It’s Me.”

Annie Joy
July 14th, 2010
4:44 pm

I think that extra underwear for your kids makes absolute good sense. It’s much better than the compulsion to buy extras of some other items — more expensive items. At least, underwear styles don’t change that much, do they? (It’s been a while since I’ve bought any for children.) Annie

July 17th, 2010
9:55 pm

I vote for work or school, because if you do either of those, you’ll have plenty of fodder to write about because you’re constantly busy with life and inspiration. You’ll long to write, so much that you’ll squeeze it into your spare moments and possibly produce even more.
If you just choose to write then you’ll feel all sorts of pressure to produce something and it could hinder or clog your creativity.
But then again, if it were me, I’d probably just choose to write because it sounds easier and more fun.

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