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Leaving. Party On, Family.

July 1st, 2010 at 2:41 pm » Comments (2)

I’m going out of town for a few days which is highly, highly unusual. So of course Mike is throwing a party. I think. Hard to tell. But there are signs that he’s considering it and when I asked him there was not a denial and we joked about raves and keggers. Interesting.

This makes me want to go fix my backyard and tame the wildly crazy grapevines to wire and screw-eye hook things I bought but have not yet attached to fence. It also makes me want to fix a certain flowerbed that looks dreadful. Grass has overtaken parts of it and I need to re-establish boundaries.

(You’re going out of town and your husband has unusual and unknown social plans and you want to go tame the grapevines…? Yes. That is correct.)

I’d be doing these things right this second but Caden-6yr is not yet napping. If he sees me walk out the back door, he will get up, wake up/rally brothers and throw his own party. There would be milk served at a Caden-6yr party, but I threw it all out this morning because I was afraid it was expired even though it wasn’t really yet, but I’m like that with milk. Never can be too careful, gross. ┬áSo he would not nap, would awaken the house, and throw a milkless rave. If I went outside.

So I can’t.


The grass and grapes are safe for now.

This morning at swim lessons, I ran into Curtis’ dad. After thinking I recognized him once and scaring another guy totally, I’d made a mental note that I do NOT recognize Curtis’ dad and I should never ever assume that a guy I see and think IS Curtis’ dad, actually IS. Because I am not to be trusted with identification issues. So. It was him. And my children confirmed this for me without even asking, and hello? He was WITH Curtis, a very cute kid I happen to recognize. So I said hello.

(Seriously? That’s…. it? Yes. Possibly not worth a mention to you, but highly noteworthy to ME since I don’t recognize people well and this sort of redeemed me from the scare-the-guy-in-the-parking-lot incident when it was Mr. SOooOOOoooo NOT Curtis’ dad.)

Have I told you before that I hate to pack? I do. I should pack. I leave in the morning and I am not packed. Instead of a packed suitcase, I have three, one page lists, entitled, “To Do,” “To Buy,” and “To Pack.” (yes, grapevine taming is on the “To Do” list)

When Ethan-10yr was born he was a week late at least. It was my first baby and I had bought everything necessary, organized everything, and read every book I could get my hands on. I was ready. ┬áLabor started in the middle of the night and I was not yet packed. (This made Mike FLIP. OUT. More than the 5 minute apart contractions in the middle of the night – the unpackedness about drove him nuts. It didn’t phase me at all.)

I just really, really hate to pack.

I’ll do it after I get to the grapevines.

And the grass.

And everything else on the “To Do” and “To Buy” lists.