Monday, August 30th 2010
Lovely Morning Til The Flies Wake Up

3 boys got up early, were oddly extra polite to each other and to me, dressed in clean clothes and without drama, ate breakfast, cleaned up after themselves without being asked, and were generally such sweet joys that I hated to drop them off at school.  I really wanted to keep them.  I don’t know how or why this happened.  It was glorious, though.

And then I REALLY wanted to smother/mother the cat, but there were things to do. I think I’ll turn my daytime attention in the direction of this guy. I’m thinking long walks and talks.

Unrelated, Hate to Admit it Sidenote: fine. y’all were right. I am regretting the relocation/release of the latest 30 frogs on Saturday. Flies and gnats, suddenly, and a lot. I don’t want to talk about it (much less write a Gnat/Fly Plague Series with Parts 1 Through 9,763 and aren’t we glad for that) but feel free to gloat amongst yourselves. I know – it’s already written in Exodus anyway.


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