Monday, August 16th 2010
Onion Rings, Frogs, Homework

my thoughts are all over the place. like frogs. the boys just rounded up 30 more frogs/toads. it took like, maybe 42 seconds.  will release soon. far away.

had a great weekend. random notes:

*i’m pretty sure i can eat my body weight in onion rings

*and that’s disgusting

*If I have to drive, I get all silent and stressed in Dallas traffic and won’t talk at all

*after the tiniest amount of a bloody mary, I sing

*and I’m so very sorry, All Of Dallas, because I cannot sing and trace amounts of alcohol surely do not help

*the last time I had any alcohol was 7 years ago. perhaps I have no tolerance.

*Caden-6yr is a total stinker. He picked up a dead armadillo by the tail and swung it around a few times, asking my dad what it was. That mental image really sicks me out.

*Dead armadillos hang out at my dad and stepmom’s house. One of their dogs is a fierce armadillo huntress.

*Ethan-10yr is a total stinker. He launched a middle of the night adventure that landed him in a buttload of trouble.

I have to go. I have homework. It’s 9:45 and I have homework and I haven’t started it. Oh, and I have to go feed the frogs I hate. This is my life now. How odd.


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August 18th, 2010
2:49 pm

Hmmm. You are right…you do have quite a life. Homework?

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