Thursday, September 30th 2010
Flying Mushrooms

Thank GOD for whoever decided that the boys and daddies should construct mini marshmallow shooting guns out of PVC at church Sunday night. I mean. HALLELUJAH. I am convinced it was a Divine Idea, that one. I am getting so! much! done! These eyebrows? Tweezed for first time in ages, y’all. Laundry? Started and looking good. Homework? DONE.

The kids go outside and puff a breath of air into a pipe and send a mini marshmallow hurtling across the yard and then repeat. And then repeat. For hours. Happily. Exercise. I’m ignoring the pastel blobs that will surely melt on our new roof because of all the endless harmony.

Seth-4yr got everyone calling them Mushroom Guns, somehow.  He really thinks they’re mushrooms. I don’t know what everyone else’s excuse is except that Seth-4yr has always had a quiet, influential charisma.

Yesterday he managed to shoot a pastel green ‘mushroom’ from the backyard over the roof and into the front yard.  I wondered about all the happy chaos going on out there – the running and the whooping and the little marshmallows flying everywhere including straight up and maybe onto neighbors’ roof, too, and I realized something.  We’re those neighbors.

It made me happy, and not really in the most virtuous way either.  I’ve never really been a fan of the folks next door. They handle their drainage in unethical ways which directly affect us. It irks me. They are not responsive to polite front porch conversations regarding the matter. And once a week the streets fill up with their friends’ trucks for Poker Night.

The kids sigh and look wistfully out the window at the glamourous crowd tromping across the yard and say, “Mom. When will it be OUR turn to have Poker Night?”

And I say, “Do you play poker?”

And they all moan and say ‘no.’

And I tell them, “Neither do I. Neither does Dad. So that wouldn’t really make sense for us, right?”

But THIS week… they’ll be too busy shooting mushrooms into the air to notice the mass arrival of the glamourous Poker Crowd anyway.

I like it.


2 Comments on “Flying Mushrooms”

September 30th, 2010
7:53 pm

I love that quietly influential Seth has renamed marshmallows ‘mushrooms.’ I’m not sure there’s any other circumstance in the world where I would be okay with those two things being interchangeable though.

October 15th, 2010
10:57 pm

Clearly, I need to google how to make my own marshmallow gun out of PVC pipes! :) I need some of that eyebrow tweezing time.

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